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  1. they could try for a season to field only girls in coach Miley / Alicia / Kelly / Jhud
  2. I'm not talking about the teams, but about the choices to look back on a talent, and very often they are both to have looked back on the same talent watch in season 17, they were very often the only ones to turn around for a talent
  3. no, he told me that Jessie J and Kelly would have the same tendencies, hence the fact that Jessie J would only coach to replace Kelly except that Blake and Gwen look very very very often on the same people, and very often are just both on one talent
  4. they put Gwen / Blake well, and I don't necessarily see where the difference is between them ...
  5. I love Kelly's voice, but to say that there is not too much difference between that of Jessie J ........... I love Kelly but Jessie J has the most beautiful voice in the world actually too bad for the USA, I really hope that one day she will be a coach in the USA
  6. why is nobody talking about Jessie J? however, is it known in your country? then the voice fans watch all the voices in the world, so they know her perfectly since she was in the voice UK, Australia and Kids UK, she is the best coach in the world, and she would be excellent at USA
  7. except that there are only two seasons of difference, there is also the fact that John will soon be a father again, so he would take his place just for one season or maybe Gwen (hopefully) will leave for season 20, but I don't think they'll put John and Usher on at the same time
  8. I really think Usher will be a coach for the S20, he was a mentor for season 17, and there mega mentor, with a space of time of just 2 seasons, it suggests that he is coming back as a coach
  9. usher mega mentor of S19? hm, he was a mentor for season 17, so in my opinion he will be a coach for S20
  10. to make it PERFECT in season 20, you need the exact same decor as season 19, and remove Gwen to bring back Alicia Keys or add Jessie J for a new arrival
  11. the studio decor of season 19 >>>>>>>>> the decor of all previous seasons
  12. the finalists of season 17 was not forminable, so they chose the least bad for me maybe Katie deserved a little more than Jake
  13. hoping that it is not a bad talent that wins this season, because between Jake Hot and Todd ...
  14. the scenery of the stage of your country without an audience is really more pleasant and pretty than the previous seasons i find
  15. for the S20, I'm not a fan of Gwen Stefani, I hope she will be replaced Jessie J would be PERFECT in the American version, she was really amazing in the Australian version
  16. HS and Jake go home seriously , if Jake wins this season and not Katie ...
  17. Katie is the best every Monday, I think she's going to win this season, she's amazing, I hope in the final she'll sing it's man's man's world
  18. Alex eliminated? nooooooo, he deserved more than Will ...
  19. it would have been nice to replace Gwen by another girl like Jessie J, Kelly with Jessie it should be pretty good
  20. I think it's good to change a little, put other star as competent, I always wanted to see Jessie J in an American chair, but does your audience know enough? Idk
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