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  1. 29 minutes ago, jakesz said:

    Where is the exact article about that? Cause I just can't find any news other than a fact that S12 is suspended until further investigation of ITV.


    there is more chance that they will definitely cancel the season because if it comes back, it will be necessary to delete Ali B from the recordings, maybe even Anouk if she no longer wants to have her image on it at all then the coaches, Waylon and Glennis are waiting for the report before leaving the program so they will probably stop too



    they will also cancel the voice kids because there is Ali B i think because the new season already has the auditions/battles recorded


    and personally, i think it's going to be complicated for them to redo a The Voice without recalling these stories, it would take new coaches and a whole new production team, which seems complicated


  2. they will definitely cancel season 12, even more because Anouk won't be back so that's for sure because they will have to blur Ali B, and find a replacement for Ali and Anouk for the lives, so it's unlikely that the S12 will come back, too bad for Glennis, i hope she will come back (if they do a season 13, without Ali B of course)


    but they will probably also have to cancel The Voice Kids, the new season, because there is also Ali B

  3. 36 minutes ago, thecarterfilez said:

    Kelly can go.. and take Blake with her... the show needs a refresh in my opinion.. they can easily bring in another country coach. 


    just for the work she did with her team on this performance, Kelly deserves to stay in her red chair for LIFE



    and here i cite a recent example, we can talk about her way of doing things when she is chosen (the hilarious gifs), her way of convincing talents to choose her

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Rodney said:

     Of course you would say that.😒


    yes, i haven't changed my mind and i will never change my mind, i have the right not to be a fan of an artist that you like, we can't like all people of music or artist, why blame me EVERY TIME? 😴


    when many on the forum say they don't like Nick (and many times), i don't quote them EVERY TIME to comment, they have every right to dislike Nick, as i PERFECTLY have the right not to like Gwen 🙃

  5. 1 hour ago, SNI2 said:

    Gwen is honestly a very sleepy choice. Like "eh, here we go again...". "Let's approach the married dynamics...". Oh, genius, let's see how country the ska princess is, nowadays. To me it's an eye roll. 



    THIS 🙄


    bring back Jhud

  6. the footage that shows the start of the voice recordings is not for season 11, but for the new version of The Voice Generations with bands, and there's the first trailer, so it's gonna happen real quick since they shot the auditions last week and the trailer is already out, the look of Rita and Jess 🥰


    the trailer is on this site: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10312291/First-look-Voice-Generations-new-spin-series-thats-set-air-year.html



  7. 7 minutes ago, jus.willy said:

    Y’all idk about Jhud anymore…Since Ariana is leaving…I doubt they’d want both Jhud and John on the same panel since they’re so similar? Unless both John and Ari are leaving 🤷🏾‍♂️ 


    are there any rumors about Jhud coming back?


    i think the production will do everything to ensure that Ariana is there for S22 and not wait for her return in 2023, because there are rumors that she has signed for two seasons

  8. 25 minutes ago, Mohammad said:

    The literal point of challenge week/genre switch week is to sing songs that are outside of their genres .  


    i do not question the change necessary to discover another register, but must also say when it is bad choices of songs, it's a competition, and Ariana's team, the causes of their elimination c was very much due to the song choices..

  9. 7 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

    ,As for the Team Ariana song choices, they are pretty much the reason why Jim and Sasha are still here (I have a feeling Jim might be behind those, not for strategy, but they seem like songs he would perform). The Beatles and Elton John are most likely gonna help them given that they are on a weak team. That being said, they are not gonna be able to carry them all the way.


    Holly has been getting good song choices, very in the intricate side of things, but she hasnt lived up to them imo. Ryleigh's songs have been too big for her, plus her style is controversial.


    Overall its a mixture of several things that just haven't worked for Tema Ariana,which is why many people have lost interest in it.


    if holly can find good songs for her voice like her audition she can save the ariana team, i hope because holly has a great voice

  10. 3 minutes ago, TheVoiceFan2 said:

    How? I'd say that's the reason why Jim & Sasha have coasted these two rounds. As for Holly, she's gotten minivan friendly songs. What they do with them is the main issue tho. I think they're doing enough to get by these first live rounds but their performances go no where for me


    Edit: As for Bella and Ryleigh (if we're talking about them), the songs they got in the lives were the issue tbh, so I agree in that case. They were questionable and frankly the reason why I think they lost steam


    for the first live, the choice of song of Holly and Jim / Sacha was not that good for their vocals, for the second live it was a little better for them so they deserved to stay, in the first live, i did not find any good song that went with the voice of the candidate in the ariana team,


    but the fall of Ryleigh and Bella, it is indisputable, the reason for their defeat is the choice of songs...

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