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  1. Who is likely to lead off tonight and who is likely to close? Lead in with Katie?
  2. Anyone seen any reliable sources for performance order? Seems like Hello Sunday could be first if they start off with an upbeat song?
  3. Yeah, I figured. I think Ricky could do well with Gravity though.
  4. Not sure if troll or not, but wikipedia has songs up: Episode Coach Order Artist Song Result Episode 19 (Monday, Nov. 25, 2019) Kelly Clarkson 1 Hello Sunday "I Am Changing" Gwen Stefani 2 Myracle Holloway "Lose You To Love Me" Blake Shelton 3 Ricky Duran "Gravity" John Legend 4 Will Breman "Counting Stars" Gwen Stefani 5 Joana Martinez "Titanium" John Legend 6 Katie Kadan "At Last" Kelly Clarkson 7 Shane Q "You Raise Me Up" Blake Shelton 8 Kat Hammock "All I Want" Kelly Clarkson 9 Jake Hoot "Bless The Broken Road" Gwen Stefani 10 Rose Short "(You Make Me Feel) Natural Woman" John Legend 11 Marybeth Byrd "Purple Rain"
  5. Who's more likely to get more votes from yesterday, Kat or Ricky? Kat per the MJ poll?
  6. Why wouldnt you want voice contestants to sing such amazing Weird Al hits like "Amish Paradise" or "I lost on Jeopardy"???
  7. Hilarious...was the performance order real though? Or just someone's guess?
  8. I don't have access to see the songs on itunes, does this match up with whats there?
  9. Wikipedia had a performance order up for tonight...anyone know what their source was?
  10. I'm with ya'll. When she starts yelling, it makes me think of Jack Black in Tenacious D.
  11. Any guesses on what order of performance for each team?
  12. So all 20 are going tonight? Will they rotate by teams, or do all 5 from one team, then go to next coach?
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