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  1. Still confused why Miguel is an advisor... wasn't his last album like 3 years ago? I mean, he still has better songs than Kane 0.0.
  2. Aaron was generic, Ian was both a daddy and sounded great :P.
  3. Is Kane one of the most useless BR artists we've had?
  4. Lol, ya'll acting like the coaching matters more than the artists that actually pick the coaches. Sure, there are variables to it but it's not like Gwen was previously given artists that could've ever won. This season, she's actually done well so far given the people on her team so far. She's also had the longest / most successful career and the best stage presence of any of the other coaches, and knows how to cross genres successfully. Has any of the other coaches done that? No. Ya'll pressed over Myracle being saved over Kendall and Jake need to take a seat. Neither of them would've bee
  5. She's arguably the best technical singer as well as having the best stage presence and personality (Katie Kadan who?)! IDK how anyone thought that was a bad song for her, she showed versatility and slayed it. Add me <3
  6. I'm not that mad at Gwen's decision to choose Myracle. Both Kendall and Jake have the same problem; they aren't ready for this show and let nerves get the better of them. Myracle has way more experience and it shows in her stage presence and emotional connection to lyrics.
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