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  1. I also remember that there was wrong spoiler about his battle, it said Rod won over Gyth, and some people wondered how the hell Gyth got beaten by Rod
  2. I like every KO in the second batch lmao
  3. I actually really like Gyth's audition
  4. 1. Alisan Porter 2. Maelyn Jarmon 3. Sawyer (his only performance that I liked tbh ) 4. Jordan Smith (I'm not a Jordan fan, but this audition introduced me to TV USA because it went viral at that time, and I can understand why) 5. Todd Tilghman (my fav winner, but those 4 above had better auditions, imo) 6. Chloe K Everyone else
  5. Todd Tilghman Michael Lee Ricky Duran Noah Mac Laith Al-Saadi If Mendeleyev and Manny Cabo had longer run, maybe they could be in my top 5 too
  6. You mean Jim singing his audition song? I have been looking for it everywhere but still no luck.
  7. Congrats So glad that they decided to record the set, it's been awhile since the last livestream concert. Can't wait to hear the next cover that he seemed so excited about.
  8. Based on what I heard on YT, I think they're just okay singers.
  9. I'm very pleased with season 10,13,18.
  10. I kinda wrote that as a fun fact, not a serious fact that needs to be taken seriously lmao, but hey, maybe time After Kelly will be different than Before Kelly And technically, it's based on 5 seasons, S16 and S18 are needed to support the claim.
  11. Started on season 14, Kelly always won in every season where we have 2 females coaches in the panel
  12. 1. I don't mind Adam coming back. His recent interactions with Gwen and Blake on IG and Twitter made me miss their interactions on The Voice. 2. Shakira. Though I also kinda want more of Miley-Kelly interaction. 3. Blake or Kelly, but leaning more to Blake.
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