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  1. Can Adele sue them because the contestants keep butchering her songs every week?
  2. My unpop, I still don't get the love of Kyndal, especially after her performance last night. :|
  3. BLAKE Ricky Duran: B Cali Wilson: C Gracee Shriver: C Kat Hammock: B Ricky Braddy: B+ GWEN Rose Short: B Kyndal Inskeep: C- Joana Martinez: B+ Myracle Holloway: A- Jake Haldenvang: D KELLY Shane Q: D Hello Sunday: D Damali: D Max Boyle: B+ Jake Hoot: B JOHN Khalea Lynee: B- Alex Guthrie: B- Marybeth Byrd: B Will Breman: B- Katie Kadan: B-
  4. 1. Ricky Braddy 2. Max 3. Kat 4. Ricky Duran 5. Joana 6. Marybeth . . . . 18. Kyndal 19. Hello Sunday 20. Shane Q
  5. After the PO Team Blake PV : Kat Hammock PV : Ricky Duran Save : Ricky Braddy Team Gwen PV : Kyndull PV : Joana Save : Myracle Team Kelly PV : Hoot PV : Max Save : Hello Sunday Team Legend PV : Marybeth PV : Katie Save : Will WC winner = Gracee/Rose
  6. Mendelevey could have been a great force in this thing. He has 13k twitter followers and 16k IG followers.
  7. I want many of them to flop pls, Braddy needs to stand out :shifty:
  8. Since he picked Blake? jk Actually I started to think that he is Blake's main guy when Blake gave him a song that benefited him more than his opponent (Marina) in the battle round. Cali, Kat, and Braddy all got country songs and they went against country singers, which automatically put them in disadvantage. --- I'm curious, who do you think is Blake's main guy if it's not him?
  9. He can, but the chance is pretty small. I don't see him getting the PV because of his minimal airtime and his "lifestyle". His chance of getting the coach save is also small, Ricky Duran is Blake's main guy, Kat is Blake and Gwen's favorite, He might be able to get the save over Cali and Gracee, but the latter one is almost a lock for PV which means that only one of Ricky Duran and Kat might get the PV and the save will go to the other one. And, if the WC is only for the top 4 vote getters, his chance will become slimmer. :'( I can be wrong (I hope I am), and it's all just me being pessimistic.
  10. Let's wait for the lives to decide that, because based on what we've seen in the KO, John's team was not the best
  11. I've read comments on Cali's KO in the YT saying that Cali is promoting LGBT+ agenda. Ricky got the same too, but even worse, saying that he don't deserve singing church song because he goes against the church teaching. idk why people are like that :'(
  12. PV 1 = HOOOOT PV 2 = Shane Save = Hello Sunday Goodbye Max :'(
  13. I think this is the easiest to predict PV 1 = Marybeth PV 2 = Katie Coach Save = Khalea>Will>Alex (In this order of priority) If either MB or Katie didn't get a PV, they would be the pick of Coach save instead.
  14. With Myracle getting a montage in the KO, her only chance is via Coach save, imo. Gwen's top priority for Coach save would be Rose>Kyndal>the rest. My prediction PV 1 = Kyndal PV 2 = Joana/Rose Coach Save = Joana/Rose
  15. I think this is Blake's priority order for Coach save Ricky Duran > Kat Hammock > Cali Wilson > Ricky Braddy > Gracee My prediction PV 1 = Gracee PV 2 = Ricky Duran Coach Save = Kat Hammock (If she flopped, Cali/Ricky Braddy will take over this)
  16. I will, though I'm just a new member here, my opinion doesn't really matter since I don't have that much of attachment yet. ---- I feel for you guys who have spent years investing in this board, another forum that I joined for years was closed last August, and believe me, it is better to restart again than to have nothing at all :'(
  17. Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Brendon U
  18. Me One of my favorites top 20/top 24 I may change my opinion after I hear how well they sing live next week.
  19. It's team Gwen that should be relieved, her team is more likely to get wiped out if it was last season format. ----------- There goes my hope of having Ricky Braddy in top 13 :'(
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