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  1. Daddy Matt and Max And you missed Alex and Hoot
  2. Undeserving Elim = Cory :'( and Braddy :'( (and Mendeleyev too) Best Save = Max Worst save = Hello Sunday
  3. Our Last Night's cover is the best
  4. My favorite is When the party's over, I'm not a fan of this week's performance, but I still like Max, don't worry
  5. Yes, I know, even in the KO in which the contestants picked their own songs, there were some questionable song choices, but overall still much better than the PO song list.
  6. Hopefully it means that there will be no absurd song choices next week
  7. The contestants will pick their own songs for next week? or is that just a lie and the producers will pick the songs anyway?
  8. Well, they did beat Blake's only country singer in votes, I bet their votes were among the top 5 overall last Tuesday.
  9. I could see Kat singing some Kacey, and Ricky D. had covered some country songs in the past. Cali's next song is going to be Oops I did it again
  10. I mean, they are the same in the sense of people thinking that both of them undeservingly earned their spot in the top 13. Well, Lynnea also survived the first week
  11. Thank you for the replies, at first I assumed that there were a problem with the winner contract or something. I kinda get why her Voice fans would want her to go the rock route (because that's what she represented herself in the show), but I also understand the needs to do what she did if she really wants a change. Anyway, I still love both version of Chloe (I just listened to her new stuff today ).
  12. Someone mentioned chloe mk thing in the last episode discussion thread, and now I'm curious why Chloe seems to distance herself from anything related to the voice?
  13. I think Cali will get Lynnea'd. Even if she did good in the next round, people would still hate her for 'supposedly' robbing some contestants.
  14. Myla (HS) is like the female version of Shane Q, especially when she hit those screechy high notes.
  15. Want to win = Ricky Duran Think = Kat (Young, White, Female, Angelic voice = recipe of the winner) And I have a feeling that it would be another John vs Blake showdown in the finale.
  16. 1. Ricky Braddy Duran 2. Max 3. Kat 4. Joana 5. Rose 6. Marybeth :| 7. Myracle 8. Cali (I still have faith in her, hope she gets better song next week) 9. Will Breman 10. Katie 11-13. Kelly's other 3 members
  17. Congrats Ricky :flowers: I knew he hasn't lost his front runner status like some people say
  18. ELIMINATIONS: TOP 13 Bottom 3: Shane Q, Hello Sunday, Cali Saved: Hello Sunday :x TOP 11 Bottom 2: Myracle, Hello Sunday Saved: Hello Sunday :x TOP 10 Bottom 3: Will Breman, Hello Sunday, Joana Saved: Joana TOP 8 Bottom 2: Joana, Rose (Goodbye Team Gwen ) Middle 3: Katie, Hoot, Max Boyle (Goodbye Team Kelly ) Saved: Katie Top 3: Kat, Ricky Duran, Marybeth FINALE 4th Place: Katie 3rd Place: Ricky Duran Runner-up: Marybeth Winner: Kat
  19. I like her energy, and she is my favotite singer in the coach lineup. But.. I hate her decisions making, and imo, her fanbase is worse than Blake's.
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