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  1. Open : Hello Sunday Close : Ricky Streaming Bonus : The Hoot
  2. but it seems like he does the Rod Stewart's version, being sick will not help him hitting those notes , though it may help with the tone lol
  3. It hurts seeing this thread :'( He was my #1 favorite this season. Had he made it to PO, he would be an easy finale contender because he seemed to have a great amount of support. and I still think that he picked the wrong coach, but whatever.
  4. Kat and MB seem happy with their song, Ricky said his song is something new for him, I hope it's not a bus song.
  5. Top 4 pls 1. Ricky 2. Rose Short 3-4 The Kats 5. Joana, I wish she got TCO treatment that MB had. So much potential. 6. Marybeth, good but overhyped, and she rarely lives up to the hype. 7. Will Breman, decent vocally, although sometimes his performance is 'uncomfortable' to watch. 8. Myracle, she hasn't given any bad performance, but none of her performances are memorable. 9. Jake Hoot, same with Myracle, but I put Myracle over him because I like Myracle's tone more. They've enough of mean words said to them, so I don't need to say anything. 10. Hello Sunday 11. shane Q
  6. Kelly is a queen of covers and a remarkable vocalist, she would be a finale lock in most seasons. Winning is hard, since we know that the best vocalist of the season rarely wins. Blake is a solid singer and pretty strategic, if he makes lives, he would be in the finale and has a high chance of winning many seasons. I think he would lose if there is a remarkable country vocalist, Sundance for example/ John is a good vocalist, if he could make a moment, he might reach finale, other than that, semi-finale is more likely. I don't see him winning tbh, Gwen, I'm confident she would be a chair turner, but I feel like she would be eliminated before lives. Adam, same with John. Christina, she would be the screamer of the season after a few performances. Her performances would be either disaster or genius. I don't think she would win, but she would go far. Shakira, either a no chair turner or eliminated in battle. Alicia, she has a distinct vocal and is a true performer, but her technique is a bit poor. Vocal fatigue would be her biggest problem in the lives. If she could make a moment before her vocal chords are shot, she might go to the finale. JHud, robbed in the semi-finale.
  7. The coaches (+ Carson) performed 'Neon Moon' on the KC show. I don't know how to post a video in here, you can look it up on YT
  8. They still do twitter save? I thought it was already replaced by the app.
  9. John had stolen artists from every other coach he's worked with, except Blake. Those artists were Celia, Jimmy Mowery (stolen from Adam) Beth, Alex (stolen from Kelly) James violet (stolen from Gwen) -------- Kelly is the only coach who has occupied 3 different chair positions.
  10. She got a new guitar from Blakey
  11. Honestly I kinda agree, but both that song and Will are my guilty pleasures, so I suggested it to him :teehee:
  12. It's prolly because she got the coach-save over this board's #1 (or number #2?) snowflake.
  13. Joana Martinez - Lose You to Love Me (Selena Gomez) Marybeth Byrd - Hometown Glory (Adele) Will Breman - The A Team (Ed Sheeran) Hello Sunday - When You Believe (MC ft Whitney), they love butchering singing diva songs, I can see this happening. Kat Hammock - Can't help falling in Love with you Ricky Duran - A change is gonna come (Sam Cooke)
  14. idk if that counts as pandering because he had done that a lot even before he joined the show, so it is almost like his signature to bring flag on to the stage. He still does that recently. -------- I'm not familiar with the earlier seasons, so I'll go with the recent ones - Celia Babini "A Thousand Years" - Celia Babini "Shallow"
  15. Anyone from these 4 (Katie, Kat, MB, Ricky) stand a chance.
  16. I'm ready for spoilers :icecream: I need new snowflakes
  17. Seems like Shane has a hidden fanbase somewhere, because on every platform that I'm in, he always gets trashed.
  18. Hello Sunday and Shane Q will be joining them. It's what America deserves.
  19. I can't believe Max is the first one out from that tragic team.
  20. Can you pls make HS and Shane to be your snowflakes? It seems like you are good at jinxing your snowflakes, (Look at Lauren, Kyndal, and Max) Marybeth will be next?
  21. idk why I laughed at this it sounds like you only like the crying part of her performance.
  22. Where did all her fans go? As a non die-hard fan of Kacey, I think she did well last night.
  23. A- Ricky Duran Rose Short B+ Kat Katie B Joana Max Cali B- Jake Hoot C+ Marybeth Will Breman Myracle C Hello Sunday D Shane Q
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