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  1. I don't really mind the show being there, per se. I just wish they'd throw it to Friday for some fluff there. Since Grimm, American Dreams, Providence, Friday Night Lights, and Las Vegas all ended, they've kind of been in need of gripping Friday viewing, and Dateline just isn't it.
  2. "More Than Words" is better for me. That song had a bit more of a tender feeling to me. Plus, they all had more solos and duets so I could distinct their voices better and really enjoy them separately and together a lot more. Gwen, for the same reason as QueenMae16. But in addition to those reasons, I like hearing her voices more on tender songs than I do on her faster, more up-tempo songs. No. At first, I might've said yes, but I think that those took too much attention away from the Blinds and the artists being featured. So I'd rather they just stay as online extras.
  3. Worst Elimination: Injoy Fountain. She owned that Battle, but Kelly decides to save Alex, who was clearly, heavily inferior. Even he was confused by it, which shows how awful that choice was. (I mean, I guess she was trying to play Pharrell's stupid game of dropping the stronger one so he or she can be stolen, but that carries risk, and she learned that the hard way. Why play that game when Gwen already had Rose and Myracle, and John hate Katie, Khalea, Zoe, and Destiny? Blake . . . was also weird for not going for her since he had no one like her, but still, Kelly was an idiot.) Best Steal: Joana Martinez for her Knockout. She edged Ricky Duran out to me, and I'm sorry that Blake couldn't see it. I appreciated Gwen giving her a second chance. Worst Save: Melinda Rodriguez. The source who spilled her save said that he didn't know why she had been, and I agreed after watching the Battle. She was all right, but nothing special to deserve a save.
  4. Only have these so far: Katie: "(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin Joana: I actually took the idea and suggested "Dreaming of You" by Selena on the app. Rose: "I was Here" by Beyonce.
  5. If we could count team performances, then whatever that was that died on stage for Lauren, Aliyah, and TSoul's Team Blake performance with Blake in season twelve has my vote, too.
  6. She clearly wasn't, or she would've made Blake's top two, at least, last week. But I still do think that she was more popular than Cali, at least.
  7. Um . . . you put James & Emma three times, and Ally & Sasha once.
  8. The latter two, yes. Though I only like Jake because while he's country, he's NOT country on Team Blake. And I have always loved Myracle. But the former three, hell no. But their times will come sooner or later.
  9. From what I've read here tonight, I think that I am the sole person who at least doesn't hate tonight's results. I was never all that big on Max, and I've kind of been over Cali since her performance from last week and truly think that Blake made a mistake in saving her over Gracee. So . . . yeah. Happy camper, right here.
  10. I doubt that. The voting closed just this morning at seven a.m. EST. No more time for his fans to rally if they did.
  11. . . . Unless he goes last in the Instant Save. . . .
  12. I believe Brooke Adee and Sawyer Fredericks.
  13. I am very worried about her numbers, though. Only 182 on iTunes.☹
  14. Not everyone. I'm not big on her, either.
  15. Where is Rose in all of this?!☹
  16. Good. Ricky doesn't deserve to be on top.
  17. Still more interesting and compelling than your precious Ricky.
  18. Myla would be SO GOOD if she were here without Chelsea. Chelsea nails her lower parts, but literally nothing else!
  19. Cali was better this week, but the homophobes will still be out to get her like they were after Ricky B.
  20. She got her by a LOT. Don't make me laugh at your bias toward Kat.
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