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  1. Speaking of studio, do you think we will be even getting studios at all this season?
  2. I dont think Casme will get montaged from the praise she got from her battle and knockout.
  3. For Season 18 it was dropped on February 11th, 13 days before the premiere. For Season 17 it was dropped on September 11th, 12 days before the premiere. It would be too late to be dropping it on the 11th of October since it would be 8 days before the premiere, my guess is the 6th or 7th of October, giving it 2 weeks before the premiere, or just sometime during that week.
  4. Not me replaying this for the 10th time just to hear Tamara
  5. I saw that Usher will be having his 3rd child just like John, I don't think he will return.
  6. On the 1iota site the second taping is still up meaning it hasn’t started yet. I just saw they pushed it back to 4:30 PST so ig it won’t be starting until 5 PST.
  7. I just went on the site and saw they just pushed it an extra 30 minutes from the original time they had.
  8. The first taping about to end or already did. The second taping will be starting shortly.
  9. I don't know if this is popular or not but I thought Season 14 was very underwhelming.
  10. The lighting for Gwen and Kelly in their chairs, wow. Funny promo
  11. The first taping starts at 10:30 PST so in an hour and 35 minutes. The second taping starts at 2:45 PST so in 2 hours and 50 minutes.
  12. I almost forgot about spoilers Hopefully we get some good pairings/results/and steals today
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