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  1. I thought Jordan delivered the best performance, probably because he didn't care as much about the result. The other four were noticeably affected by nerves but he seemed totally comfortable and in his element.
  2. Low stakes conspiracy: they changed to one season a year so the season number will now always match up with the year
  3. I've auditioned a couple times at open calls. Haven't gotten any callbacks but I'll keep trying! Maybe y'all will see me eventually
  4. One of the most underrated blinds of S14.
  5. Honestly that performance is a gold standard for me in general, not even just for this song.
  6. Savanna all the way. We almost never get an artist that sounds like her on the show and her tone is awesome. The other three are all great singers (Carolina especially has some serious talent) but Savanna is so unique and her song choice is awesome. (That said if she gets outperformed I’ll have to reconsider)
  7. Pete was ahead of the beat in the beginning but once he regained his footing he sounded pretty good, great in some parts. That song's opening is pretty tricky to sing with the repetitive guitar line
  8. That last note was right on the verge of being too much (and possibly on the verge of vocal damage) but the effect was insane. Dana has more raw vocal power than almost any singer I've heard on the show.
  9. Both were good but I felt the emotional connection more with Corey... dude is just fantastic every time. Ryleigh killed it as well, love her tone.
  10. Was it just me or was Ryleigh singing a step off the beat there for a minute?
  11. Ciana had a lot of power, but she was pitchy throughout the entire song and it seemed like she was constantly on the verge of running out of breath. Pia was a little shaky on some parts, but her performance was very cohesive and effortless. Overall I thought Pia won that by a lot.
  12. Why not? Assuming they had 2 steals in each episode they could show Zae vs. Rachel (Kelly’s steal) first and then close the first episode with Ryleigh vs. Corey. That wouldn’t create any continuity issues with the steals.
  13. Deserved save. It also really warmed my heart how happy Devan was to get saved. He seems like a really humble guy and a great singer.
  14. First time I've heard that on this forum in a while
  15. If they had performed in the first taping Aaron would have been stolen (or gotten Blake's save).
  16. Both were surprisingly great. I thought it was really close but I'd pick Connor because I think he has a lot of potential to open up more when he sings and his stage presence is pretty good.
  17. Sounds like another Kyla/Jaclyn pairing. RIP Keegan. He should have been paired with Zae.
  18. Oof. He might have gotten a chair turn if that hadn't happened, I actually thought his voice was really cool but he seemed to be holding back a lot.
  19. IIRC that was one of the sources’ favorite battles (plus they got a standing ovation)
  20. Looks like Rio sang "When We Were Young" not "Make You Feel My Love"
  21. Rachel is clearly extremely nervous in this performance, which caused a lot of the breaks and wobbliness in her voice. Past that, I thought she was really good. She showed a lot of power and accuracy on the high belts and her tone is really clean and pretty.
  22. They should have sung "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles
  23. Savanna was incredible. Every single aspect of her performance was spot on. She has such a raw, focused energy in her voice but she knows how to control the rasp properly.
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