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  1. If there is a coach comeback I’m hoping Hailey is chosen for Blake. She killed it and it sucks there were no steals left.
  2. I’m definitely in the minority here but I prefer the coach comeback over the knockout save by a lot. It allows the coach to make their choice after hearing all the eliminated contestants’ performances (and makes it more fair to those who get placed in the last taping).
  3. Can we talk about Joshua’s unbelievable range?? The fact that he was able to sustain those notes with power in his battle while moving around stage so much is honestly insane. It’s gonna be really interesting to see what he does with “Falling”.
  4. Same here! He’s been one of my favorite artists this season since before the blinds (that Francisco Martin cover on his Instagram is amazing)
  5. I legit still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the taping 7 source literally hallucinated an entire contestant. There’s gotta be some explanation for my emotions getting played with like this
  6. As someone who didn’t really listen to Raquel before the show, I have to say her blind audition is actually one of my favorites so far. I can’t stop listening to it lol
  7. I actually think Gymani would do great with Dangerous Woman.
  8. If they montage Xavier AND Wyatt I’m going to have an emotional crisis
  9. The producers should really upload the full versions of the montaged performances on YouTube. It’s unfair to the artists if some of them get to see their full performances and others don’t.
  10. Personally this is my favorite season in like 10 seasons so far
  11. They have a really pure sound. I actually really loved their performance but I thought Jim’s mic was turned way down compared to Sasha’s. I would have liked to hear them both equally.
  12. I loved both as well! Joshua took a huge risk with his blind audition. Not just with the song selection, you could tell the key he was in was pushing his upper range, but he commanded the stage with such incredible presence and he never lost a drop of energy throughout the performance. Jonathan was fantastic as well, he hit such clean, smooth high notes with ease and his falsetto is super pure and pleasing to listen too. There wasn't a single part of his performance that sounded strained or shaky.
  13. This was my favorite premiere in about ten seasons. I am (cautiously) optimistic about how the rest of this season is going to go now. It really feels like the magic of the show is back (maybe it’s the live audience?)
  14. I thought his performance was super interesting vocally/artistically if a bit shaky in some spots
  15. I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life.
  16. I enjoyed Vaughn’s performance. He was definitely nervous (I think he might have forgotten his lyrics for a second when Ariana turned) but overall his tone was really smooth and pleasing and he had a great range. Looking forward to more auditions!
  17. We don’t know Vaughn’s audition song, so it could also be him if he got the right song choice. I think he mainly does pop but I can see his voice fitting well with a variety of genres.
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