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  1. Deserved save. It also really warmed my heart how happy Devan was to get saved. He seems like a really humble guy and a great singer.
  2. First time I've heard that on this forum in a while
  3. If they had performed in the first taping Aaron would have been stolen (or gotten Blake's save).
  4. Both were surprisingly great. I thought it was really close but I'd pick Connor because I think he has a lot of potential to open up more when he sings and his stage presence is pretty good.
  5. Sounds like another Kyla/Jaclyn pairing. RIP Keegan. He should have been paired with Zae.
  6. Oof. He might have gotten a chair turn if that hadn't happened, I actually thought his voice was really cool but he seemed to be holding back a lot.
  7. IIRC that was one of the sources’ favorite battles (plus they got a standing ovation)
  8. My stream glitched and cut out John's serenade
  9. Looks like Rio sang "When We Were Young" not "Make You Feel My Love"
  10. Rachel is clearly extremely nervous in this performance, which caused a lot of the breaks and wobbliness in her voice. Past that, I thought she was really good. She showed a lot of power and accuracy on the high belts and her tone is really clean and pretty.
  11. They should have sung "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles
  12. Savanna was incredible. Every single aspect of her performance was spot on. She has such a raw, focused energy in her voice but she knows how to control the rasp properly.
  13. It seems like a strange choice for him given how laid-back that song is typically sung. It'll be interesting to see what he does with it.
  14. In all honesty that clip is one of the actual funniest moments in any audition I've seen
  15. Same. I thought he lost control a bit on the falsetto, which was also lacking power. Everything below that I loved.
  16. I enjoyed Bradley a lot. He has good control over the rasp in his voice.
  17. I'm actually hyped for this episode now if we could be getting JMY and Keegan
  18. I think I saw a Blake + Kelly turn in the sneak peek so maybe Keegan is actually on tonight Edit: could also be Emma
  19. Keegan and Bradley were my two favorites preseason so I’m hyped for their auditions (I’m probably gonna have to wait though since they both closed teams)
  20. Does anyone have any info on how Keegan, Bradley, and JD did in the blinds?
  21. Aaron was good. Absolutely loved the intro, I thought he got a little nervous after the chairs turned.
  22. 1. Corey 2. Raine 3. Dana 4. Victor 5. Cam 6. Devan 7. Kenzie 8. Pete 9. Christine
  23. I agree with this. That was the only run that he didn’t 100% nail during his performance and the snippet made me think I wouldn’t like his audition. Turns out I actually loved it
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