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  1. Avery Roberson could lose to Ethan Lively. After listening to their covers I think Ethan has a surprisingly strong voice. Avery would definitely get stolen in that situation given how hard the other coaches apparently fought for him.
  2. What'd they say? Was it just general pitchyness or did she actually mess up the performance in a big way?
  3. Todd Michael Hall - Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas) Chloe Hogan - All My Loving (The Beatles) Dawn & Hawkes - Angela (The Lumineers) Agree with this one 100%
  4. I think Blake will probably pick Cam over Keegan (assuming they get paired), but I can definitely see Keegan getting stolen (maybe by Nick)
  5. My personal favorites so far (generally in order) 1. Keegan Ferrell 2. Bradley Sinclair 3. Rio Lana 4. Awari 5. Cam Anthony 6. Jordan Matthew Young 7. JD Casper 8. Gean Garcia
  6. I've looked at most of the artists. The talent level overall seems to be really high this season, a couple of my personal favorites so far are Keegan Ferrell and Bradley Sinclair. As for predictions, here's my best guess: Team Kelly: Anna Grace Felten vs. Halley Greg JD Casper vs. Corey Ward Gean Garcia vs. Ryleigh Modig (steal) Kenzie Wheeler vs. Savanna Woods Gihanna Zoe vs. Ainae Team John: Ciana Pelekai vs. Christine Cain Denisha Dalton vs. Pia Renee (steal) Deion Warren vs. Durell Anthony Rio Lana vs. Zania Alake
  7. You already ranked at least two of my personal favorites (Aaron and Lauren)
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