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  1. I really hope Wyatt picked Ariana and not Kelly she’s a great coach but her team is too stacked for a jazz singer to survive the battles
  2. Just checked out Wyatt Michael’s profile for the first time and his tone literally sounds exactly like Frank Sinatra. He has potential to be one of the best jazz singers the show has had.
  3. That’s why I kinda prefer the incomplete spoilers. It builds excitement but it doesn’t make the actual season boring.
  4. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but Aaron Gibson/Josh Halverson is easily my favorite knockout pairing of all time. Especially Josh. I don’t know what it is but I keep rewatching his performance… it’s bordering on obsession.
  5. I want to see a male rocker with the range of Todd Michael Hall mixed with the grit of Michael Lee covering some ‘70s and ‘80s rock anthems. Bonus points if he can shred on the electric guitar.
  6. Same here. I actually think her blind audition was great.
  7. Not my favorite vocal from Cam. Awesome set and great stage presence but it just didn't feel polished. Some of the bigger notes definitely got away from him a little. I still think he should (and probably will) win just based on his overall body of work.
  8. I thought Jordan delivered the best performance, probably because he didn't care as much about the result. The other four were noticeably affected by nerves but he seemed totally comfortable and in his element.
  9. Low stakes conspiracy: they changed to one season a year so the season number will now always match up with the year
  10. I've auditioned a couple times at open calls. Haven't gotten any callbacks but I'll keep trying! Maybe y'all will see me eventually
  11. One of the most underrated blinds of S14.
  12. Honestly that performance is a gold standard for me in general, not even just for this song.
  13. Savanna all the way. We almost never get an artist that sounds like her on the show and her tone is awesome. The other three are all great singers (Carolina especially has some serious talent) but Savanna is so unique and her song choice is awesome. (That said if she gets outperformed I’ll have to reconsider)
  14. Pete was ahead of the beat in the beginning but once he regained his footing he sounded pretty good, great in some parts. That song's opening is pretty tricky to sing with the repetitive guitar line
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