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  1. Here's how I'd rank the performances: Julia>Ryan>Taryn>Larriah Ryan is probably going to win.
  2. Considering John picked Bailey over Sid and Lauren, I would say that this is not only possible but actually the likeliest outcome.
  3. I agree. I think a lot of people are sleeping on Joseph because the sources’ feedback wasn’t very kind to him during the tapings, but he performed well in the blinds and battles. If he gets a good song choice (such as that) in POs, he could get a surprising amount of votes.
  4. I predict everyone flops in the lives except for the country artists and we get this top 8: Tanner Gomes Ryan Gallagher Joseph Soul Ben Allen Bailey Rae Ian Flanigan Jim Ranger WTW
  5. I personally thought Payge’s KO was one of the best I’ve seen on the show in a long time. She poured a lot of raw emotion into the song without coming off as unpolished. Ryan, for his part, was really good, it just didn’t seem like he was feeling the song as much. I think he would’ve been stolen if there was a steal left.
  6. They both sounded winded and Liam was completely off pitch in the middle. Not my favorite battle.
  7. Based on those app numbers, I think it's fair to say that Ryan is the runaway favorite to win the 4-way KO.
  8. For this season so far: Underrated: Aaron Scott - Hemorrhage (In My Hands) Tori Miller - When You Say Nothing At All Marisa Corvo - Perfect Rio Souma - Cruisin' Liam St. John - Sex and Candy Lain Roy - Someone You Loved JusJon - Talk Overrated: Taryn Papa - Anyway (she improved a lot in the battles though) Sid vs. Bailey - Tennessee Whiskey John vs. Julia - Summer Soft
  9. 1. Lauren vs. Payge - This was one of my favorite battles that I've ever seen on the show. Their voices just worked together so perfectly, and I thought they both showed really good instinct as to what to do with the song. I would probably choose Lauren, but both were fantastic. 2. Sid vs. Bailey - I thought Sid won this, and it wasn't even close in my mind. Bailey's not a bad singer, but she didn't give a great performance in this battle. Sid was just on. His vocal was so effortless and yet it had so much depth to it. 3. Taryn vs. WTW - Taryn improved massively from he
  10. Honestly both were underwhelming. Not bad, but neither lived up to their blind audition.
  11. 1. Kelsie Watts 2. James Pyle 3. Aaron Scott 4. DeSz 5. Joseph Soul 6. Julia Cooper 7. Lauren Frihauf 8. Van Andrew 9. Liam St. John 10. Tanner Gomes
  12. I think that might've been my favorite audition of the past three episodes.
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