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  1. Only partially incorrect. They still repeated the order of the coaches within each taping, they just changed it between tapings.
  2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess she paired Lain and Carter together and picked Lain, and Carter didn't get a steal.
  3. 1. Radiohead - "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" 2. The Doors - "Twentieth Century Fox" 3. Ed Sheeran - "The A Team" 4. Rob Thomas - "Hold On Forever" 5. Ruth B - "Lost Boy" 6. Van Halen - "Ice Cream Man"
  4. I personally like him a lot right now, but I can see his style of performing getting kind of stale after a few rounds. That said, he is on Gwen's team, which usually isn't super competitive talent-wise, so I can definitely see him making semis and possibly finale. I doubt he will be eliminated before lives although you never know.
  5. I agree, and honestly I wouldn’t be mad about it either. I miss him being on the show.
  6. Add me please, I like his audition song choice and he's got a killer voice.
  7. I'm sure at least some of you have thought about what you'd sing if you were to audition for The Voice. Personally, I'd go with Ruth B's "Lost Boy" for the blind auditions, and then maybe Radiohead's "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" in the knockouts, if I were to make it that far. Beyond that, I don't know, except that I think I'd wanna do "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron at some point, maybe in playoffs. I'd probably get cut before that. though.
  8. This might be a weird question, but what do you guys think they are gonna do for the applause after the performances? I was thinking it would sound kinda weird without it but they don’t have an audience, and I doubt they will use the audio from the people in the virtual audience
  9. S14: 1. Drew Cole - extremely consistent performer with a pleasing tone and a clearly defined, unique vocal style. 2. Austin Giorgio - smooth jazz vocal with a nice raspy belt, he deserved better than his abysmal playoffs song choice. 3. Tish Haynes Keys - really, really good powerhouse belter but she got overshadowed by Kyla. 4. Christiana Danielle - started off super unique and interesting but seemed to completely lose her grasp on pitch in the lives. S15: 1. SandyRedd - obvious choice here, there isn't another contestant on this list who can deliver a performance so technical and yet so raw. 2. Chris Kroeze - super unique tone, varied song choices, extremely consistent performer. 3. Sarah Grace - super cool style of singing, but she had some technical issues in her performances. 4. RADHA - started off great then became boring. S16: 1. Domenic Haynes - probably the coolest tone I've ever heard, but his playoffs song choice was not ideal. 2. Jacob Maxwell - somewhat boring, but pleasant to listen to. 3. Selkii - started off great, then absolutely tanked. 4. Abby Kasch - IMO one of my least favorite singers to ever be on the show. No idea how she made it as far as she did. S17: 1. Marina Chello - average in the blinds and battles, but it is a crime that she was eliminated after delivering one of the best knockouts of the season. 2. Zoe Upkins - again, I thought she was average. Nothing truly exceptional, whether good or bad. 3. Melinda Rodriguez - one of my favorite blinds that season, but her knockout was a mess. 4. Jessie Lawrence - snoozefest S18: 1. Todd Michael Hall - yeah his knockout sucked, but I blame that on whoever approved his unfathomably awful song choice. Still my favorite voice by a long shot. 2. Nelson Cade III - super raspy, smoky tone. His knockout song choice was bad but again, probably not his fault. 3. Michael Williams - went from the worst blind of the season to one of the best battles, then gave a strong if unremarkable performance in the Knockouts. Not really interesting, but not bad. 4. Samantha Howell - personalIy I didn't think her pitchy, shouty blind deserved a single chair turn, much less three - and a block at that. Nonetheless, she did improve to the point where her tone only caused my ears to mildly sting rather than gush blood.
  10. I thought Odiseas’s season 13 audition deserved at least two chairs, but he didn’t even get one.
  11. Brendan Fletcher's performance of Ray Lamontagne's "Jolene" is probably my most replayed audition. After that, maybe Owen Danoff's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" and Aaron Gibson's "Losing My Religion"
  12. Todd Michael Hall should sing “Carry On Wayward Son” for the 4-way instead of the abysmal song choice he had on the show Edit: Joei should consider “Black Velvet” for her knockout choice.
  13. Dov

    Rank The Top 17

    Since we don’t TECHNICALLY know the winner of the 4-way knockout yet, I’ll rank the top 20. 1. CammWess 2. Micah Iverson 3. Zan Fiskum 4. Megan Danielle 5. Joanna Serenko 6. Todd Michael Hall (I know his knockout was abysmal but this is based on his overall body of work) 7. Thunderstorm Artis 8. Todd Tilghman 9. Arei Moon 10. Toneisha Harris (I don’t really get the hype for her, she seems average compared to Kyla, Kymberli and Rose) 11. Allegra Miles (would be higher up if she could pronounce lyrics correctly) 12. Nelson Cade III 13. Joei Fulco (would be higher up but I’m not a fan of her vibrato) 14. Roderick Chambers 15. Michael Williams 16. Mandi Thomas 17. Mandi Castillo (so average) 18. Cedrice 19. Mike Jerel (absolute flop) 20. Samantha Howell (her tone is the most unbearable thing my ears have ever had to experience)
  14. Personally I voted for Michael because Samantha’s tone makes my ears bleed, and also because Michael’s performance (to me personally) was markedly better in terms of pitch and consistency throughout the performance. Samantha actually started her performance better than Michael, but by the end she had hit so many pitch problems she might as well have been playing baseball.
  15. 1. Maelyn Jarmon 2. Javier Colon 3. Chloe Kohanski 4. Josh Kaufman 5. Jordan Smith 6. Chris Blue 7. Alisan Porter 8. Sawyer Fredericks 9. Tessanne Chin 10. Sundance Head 11. Craig Wayne Boyd 12. Jermaine Paul 13. Jake Hoot 14. Chevel Shepherd 15. Cassadee Pope 16. Brynn Cartelli 17. Danielle Bradbery
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