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  1. I would agree and i think that is why Gwen is the perfect coach for her and why I think Gwen will carry her even if minivan has issues
  2. I agree in that I think WTW is going to be tough to beat on Blake's team and therefore into the finale they ride. They made some really smart song choices so far.
  3. If Ben takes PV, I still think Gwen will take Payge. She has a tendancy to take people that are similar to people that Gwen had open for her when she was performing (Ciara, Katy Perry, Paramore) like Ellie, Myracle, Joana...
  4. Payge...protect Payge... if Ben gets in over Carter, I won't be too heartbroken.
  5. Kelly needs a country artist to challenge Blake for the reality part of the show... She will always have at least one.
  6. I have to see I adored Myracle's performances and I appreciated she was the most consistantly strong singer, even though she wouldn't win and Gwen took her and validated that.
  7. I just remember Gwen taking Myracle and I can't see Payge flopping, and I am not that nervous. ... yet...
  8. I am hoping Payge gets the PV, and then I don't care who the other one is.
  9. Payge is much more of a developed artist that I think Gwen will try to keep to as many appearances as possible, on top of the fact Payge is mad talented.
  10. Gwen is really attached to Payge and that really is Gwen's sweet spot. Payge sailed through and Gwen took a ton of time to pick Carter in his matchup. I am slightly convince she knew John would steal Chloe and Chloe is somewhat similar in lane to Payge and I think Gwen was protecting her.
  11. Gwen posting that currently she is out and voting during the episode LOL
  12. She never demo'd it either yesterday... I would love to see it if exists.
  13. no, at no point did a contestant get a mask, it wasn't attached to the jacket
  14. pretty sure Kelly did not give out masks, instead she gave out more jackets
  15. i was under the impression moderators needed to do season threads
  16. I can ignore it if its in another thread, easy. That's why this is a forum Or if we could like block seeing phrases in a thread.
  17. i just want a season 19 thread actually being about season 19, or at least have a way to block '-season 20' discussion on my thread..
  18. I don't think Gwen would have let Chloe go if she didn't have Payge. I also suspect she thought John would pick her up. She FLEW, like FLEW out of her chair when John stole her.
  19. People Mag has a cover article and interview today with all 4 coaches, so maybe they will time a leak for today
  20. three times during blinds, just him and Gwen turned and Gwen won all three (Lain, Lauren, Carter)
  21. Season 17, it was Blake/Kelly, Gwen/John, so I am surprised it's not the same. But Kelly and Gwen are both songwriters with public divorces so they may be leaning a little on that this time to start.
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