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  1. Kelly would have the country lane, Gwen is not country but could cover rock easily
  2. Because the Voice just followed JLo, how about an all female lineup of Kelly, Gwen, JLo and Alicia. That would cover country, rock, Latin and r&b
  3. It must have been Gwen’s night when she introduced Carter a few weeks back, she just posted a pic on her IG of her and Mae Muller when Mae was a child. I still don’t know who she is. I am now seeing Maneskin everywhere in festivals.
  4. How did I miss the Voice IG story of Xtina at the PCAs??? If we get Alicia back for the finale, how about Xtina!
  5. Not sure what Blake’s mom has to do with it, she’s pushing 80. No one is trying to see Kelly’s mom views.
  6. Speaking of Carter, is this the first time a former contestant has come back to perform when their coach was not there?
  7. I think the show was hurt more by the shortened seasons 18-20 and the covid protocols where I wonder if is season feels fresh due to having 6 weeks of lives or a new coach. I don’t think she adds as much and ratings are sliding. Her talent as a singer is unmatched.
  8. I don't know who she is either, so I just looked her up on IG and apparently Gwen follows her.
  9. And Kelly misses on her opportunity to tie Gwen’s season 9 record of 4 IS wins
  10. My Monday morning reminder that Ann Wilson is truly that singer that is unmatched.
  11. Bringing this from Carter’s thread but it looks like he may be coming out for the Voice. wonder if he/other former contestant are next weeks special taping
  12. Okay that would be really exciting if they brought several winners/former contestants! I would have to try and get tickets to go
  13. Blake’s Stan’s may not like his team, but he was the only coach to not be in the bottom 3
  14. Without knowing the starting percentages, some of these numbers don’t tell the whole story. If way more non-black contestants start then black contestants, you would expect to see a much higher number at the end. Black people only make up less than 15% of the whole population. How does % of black contestants who start based on whose team would give a more rounded story
  15. I do think if he would have stayed on Team Gwen, he would have won. He was the biggest minivan magnet that season.
  16. you should see WGWG on Team Blake. Blake has a mafia that will vote for whoever he pushes forward.
  17. I have seen the “worth the wait” girls appear on Carter’s SM several times from season 19
  18. I just notice Carter’s performance with Gwen in today’s Voice’s IG stories - now I really think we will see him on this year
  19. Carter’s performance with Gwen in the Voice IG stories
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