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  1. I was thinking that this morning seeing Chrissy's post talking about packing. I wonder if his participation is what moved the dates around and he probably already coached his team this last weekend.
  2. DeSz had a season to me that reminded me of Rose Short, where Gwen shouldered a lot of blame for not getting Rose higher.
  3. There are pics with Gwen alone, fortunately, which should be the official ones released. She deserves it.
  4. I really like Carter's, I can see that he could do really well with it
  5. i have 4 minutes between Gwen linking on twitter and when it was announced closed...
  6. Gwen doing Brooks/Dunn is a possibility Reminder she killed it on Neon Moon https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=479595702671404
  7. wait then its possible Blake suggested Ben's song and we side eye both of them!
  8. How was she on the Muppets?? Um, because she has three kids, she loves Disney, and she has sold a ton of records
  9. they did a big upload 4 months ago, not just Gwen's stuff. It's been out on official channels for years
  10. Who picks these songs? Gwen actually did Rainbow Connection when she was on the Muppets.
  11. Gwen is not used to going for team strength, but with her heart. Every other season, we ding her for going with her heart, (Myracle/Kyndall).
  12. I still think Payge will get it over Ben - Payge is in Gwen’s wheelhouse and she can kill it
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