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  1. Reggae? they must have thought Gwen was coming back...(wish she was)
  2. I have been saying this all season long. The Voice is using Kelly/her show as much as Kelly is using the Voice. There is NO WAY any other coach was going to win. Her not standing for Rose in the finale was just pettiness on her part.
  3. I won’t give Kelly that nod as long as she mostly supports Those who hire her husband.
  4. It was obvious that Gwen wasn’t going to get pimped when They announced Nick for next season. Reminder that Blake’s manager is Kelly’s husband too. Blake isn’t rooting for a Gwen win, but a Kelly one.
  5. Rose’s solo - wow and the lyrics. Rose/Gwen are a team!
  6. . It’s hard to give Kelly props when she is married to the contestants manager. That’s basically nepotism.
  7. Quiet reminder that Brynn is managed by Kelly's husband and Kelly receives $ indirectly through the spouse when Brynn succeeds. This is not a charity here.
  8. People really underestimate how TPTB need Kelly to succeed. They have a lot of programming related to her. Of course it will be Brynn and probably not Maelyn.
  9. Rose said she is hoping for Mary J Blige - that would be awesome!
  10. I have long thought Gwen's team was given little support when it was announced Nick was joining next year. With the AGT thing and yet another woman being let go in order to bring in yet another white male, and Gwen having the only all minority team, it wouldn't surprise me at all if they were trying to turn things around and push Rose into the final.
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