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  1. Samuel will always be Gwen bait to me, and I really wonder which songs he would have picked
  2. When Ariana shows up blonde, her transformation into Gwen’s style will be complete
  3. Carter's semifinal "Rainbow Connection" was very minivan friendly, complete with his dedication to his brother...
  4. One last thing about Kristin, she got her Master's degree in Opera after getting her Bachelors in Musical theater from OSU, another Okie
  5. Kristin is a singing goddess who reminds me so much of her Tony cohost Alan Cummings in that she is know for playing quirky characters. She won her Tony in 1999 playing Charlie Brown's little sister, Sally.
  6. I am loving that they are showing some non-returning coaches some love on the throwbacks, especially of the contestants that didn't go very far. The last one they did of Gwen's was Ellie, one of my all time favorite contestants
  7. One underwent a lot of training, one purposely eschewed all training in order not to lose what made her voice unique.
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