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  1. It was funny, if not telling. She said two of the coaches had her number who could yell at her for her answer and the one who didn't she would put last, and that was Blake. It was a really cute segment.
  2. Like somehow it is Gwen's fault that Rose finished fourth... Kelly ended with Tanner and John paired John H and Cami.
  3. will I be voting for her into the finals, heck ya. I think she is underrated because she is on Gwen's team.
  4. both of John's steals have come from Gwen's team. Why is this not surprising to me ?
  5. those of us that are Payge fans are not complaining about that.
  6. i was surprised to see Gwen have a steno notebook that she was flashing through, making notes on, as the other coaches were commenting
  7. Preach! and when your discard becomes the best person on another person's team, it really looks suggested.
  8. They are, so you would think he would protect her, instead of letting her go. I am sensing setup.
  9. John pairing John H and Cami seems a little WTF to me. Like seriously, dude.
  10. i think this is the first time in awhile that each and every coach has one team member stolen.
  11. The show itself (and Gwen) treat her like a fill-in rather than the only judge up there capable of pulling off a super bowl halftime show.
  12. the producers don't usually ask the audience questions, they do have quite the interactive warmup guy though that talks between each pairing.
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