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  1. that sounds like the standard language whenever a coach is replaced, that they are in the rotation of other coaches and can be returning soon. That way Nick's fans don't flame out already this season
  2. But they didn’t explain why she left and treat last season like it didn’t exist. They even had Blake stand in with Gwen and Carter, which was crap
  3. Agreed - as usual they did Gwen dirty. Gwen got not reception at all
  4. Meghan shares a manager with Priyanka, Lou Taylor, who is the one involved in all of the Britney Spears drama.
  5. Apparently Snoop is putting together a supergroup and releasing an album next month in correlation with some Triller (he’s a partner) megapalooza fight/music event. So I guess the timing and cross promotion make him a perfect fit as mega-mentor.
  6. It seems like Kelly and Blake have a lot of country overlap, especially with her laser focus on him, John leads everyone into a more R&B mode, (does Pia even show any reggae before lives?) and Nick picks up Kelly's rejects. I think Corey would have been Gwen bait as well.
  7. There is not really a coach for it anymore. Adam is long gone and Gwen isn't on this season.
  8. Safest bet, Kelly will only block Blake, and that does get old.
  9. yeah but her fodder always seem to become favorites of mine, Hi Lauren, Chloe, ....
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