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  1. Based on his IG - Blake has been in OK this week, I think he did his sessions last weekend. Team Ari is cutting it close if they arent there yet.
  2. Voice comes back the 20th https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/nbc-fall-premiere-dates-2021-1234982744/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  3. Gwen's team for that save situation was soooo close. I love Myracle and thought she was the right pick, but my heart hurt for the ones that left
  4. they may be grooming Leon to take John's place and he is indeed both John's and Blake's adviser. Gwen was both Xtina's and Pharrell's in season 8.
  5. Blake and John probably filmed 1st and 2nd, Kelly and Ariana 3rd and 4th
  6. Ellie is top 5 of my list of who I wish would be on an All Star Season. If I remember correctly, season 9 is one of those seasons that brought back eliminated contestants to sing group songs during the finale, she was expected back and something happened and she didn't make it back and had to deal with fan fallout from it.
  7. Carson is originally an LA DJ for KROQ and has known Gwen since before Tragic Kingdom. He has told a story about being on the bus with the band while they were debating videos for the album, if I am remembering the story correctly.
  8. Did Carter just start following Republic, like this weekend?
  9. Can’t believe Gwen started the gifts in season 9 - so long ago
  10. with RR being Ari and Nick's label, hopefully that will work out well. Gwen is with Interscope, so still under the UMG label. Gwen's manager is also JHud's manager, so I have hope Carter goes in that theatrical/musical way.
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