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  1. Hard disagree on Madison, the people I couldn't stand are Gabby in Season 1 and Wade in Season 2. This season, Dillon/Louis are meh, but I don't dislike them with the same passion I hated Gabby/Wade. Word.
  2. The other one was moved to Games, and so the owner of that one complained and asked why this wasn't also in Games. Now they are both in Games.
  3. Yes kimmy!!! continue to slay pleaseee. you deserved so much better on the actual show...
  4. Oof why do all the Redos have to be in the Games section anyways? There's only two of them can't they both be in the main board
  5. Nah, being a girl did her in. Literally there were 11 girls in the Top 20 and now there's 1 left. It went from 55% female to 20% female.
  6. at this point ill even take julia--just please. no all male finale please
  7. if the last one is louis i might actually just flip a table PLEASE AMERICA JUST VOTE ONE GIRL INTO THE TOP 5
  8. The three locks have been confirmed, now for the surprises...here we go
  9. Their descriptions of times of day seem to most of the align with the West Coast, so if you're an East Coaster (like me) don't surprised if it's past midnight
  10. I *think* Arthur, Francisco, and Dillon should be locks, the other two spots are a tossup, but I think Sam has a slight edge over Julia, Louis, and Jonny
  11. I'm not complaining (actually like this Fake Top 7) but if America loves guys IDF loves girls lol
  12. 1. Sam 2. Francisco 3. Julia (very large gap) 4. Arthur 5. Jonny 6. Dillon 7. Louis
  13. officially revealed on American Idol Instagram: they are going to a Top 5. Does this mean 5 in the finale or an extra week of competiton?
  14. In other news: the first time EVER nobody I voted for got eliminated! Just Sam/Francisco/Julia all safe! Last week I wasn't as lucky with Kimmy and Olivia getting eliminated
  15. I wouldn't say "less screen, time than so many." She's certainly had the least of the Top 7, and less than some of the contestants already eliminated, but she's had a mid-pack amount of screen time imo. Just the rest of the Top 7 are the ones with heavy heavy screentime
  16. Yeah I agree with this pretty much exactly. Nice tiers.
  17. Which is why she's one of the two girls standing in the Top 7...and the one with the less screentime too.
  18. honestly though sam is the only chance at a female in the finale
  19. Last Top 7 is Julia and Sophia I think. Maybe Louis instead of Sophia
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