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  1. Ready to vote our precious Beane into the Top 12??
  2. There's going to be one live-to-tape episode and one live episode each week. The live episode this week is Monday.
  3. I'm tempted to say I agree, but I think Cassandra and Alyssa are not as safe as you think. Alanis or Alyssa if they don't get through via vote will 100% get a wildcard spot, but Cassandra and Madison could mean 2 girls cut and 7 guys/5 girls in Top 12.
  4. 4 POC contestants out of 16 left, ouch. And one of them is Deshawn.
  5. He's too dramatic all the time it eventually comes off as fake
  6. Is Idol Pad really implying Cassandra and Beane both placed 8th in the vote. My 500 alt accounts coming in clutch? (I'm kidding obviously lol I don't have 500)
  7. The first tweet was that it was majority male. Meaning Hunter and Beane 100% make it and Mary Jo and Hannah 100% are eliminated.
  8. Yep and the other two boots are Mary Jo and Hanna
  9. His personality was better than the awesome eye patch girl? sureee
  10. Disclaimer: I'm not sure if its recycled footage from before these results were taped. But I'm 90% sure Madison makes it over Mary Jo.
  11. Madison literally posted from an AI trailer with Beane a few hours ago that all the other confirmed Top 16 have been sighted posting about and in a testing room with other confirmed Top 16s, and we all know Ava and Casey made it. There's no way Mary Jo did, she hasn't even posted on her story since her performance.
  12. I don't think that, but all them Southern moms think all tik tok stars are bratty
  13. Madison-who-talks-about-her-faith getting less votes than Mary-Jo-the-bratty-tik-tok-star is certainly an interesting prediction.
  14. Supposedly 6 females are eliminated so I'm guessing Mary Jo, Hannah, Jason, and one of Liahona or Madison go home. Leaning towards Liahona, because I only found one picture of Liahona on set while Madison has been constantly livestreaming from set. Jason and Colin have both not been sighted, but one of them *has* to get through so I'm leaning towards Colin because he's way more popular.
  15. I did my research It's worth noting both Cecil and Cassandra were spotted, although I can't 100% verify Cassandra was on set but it looked like she was.
  16. Alana, Anilee, Andrea, and one of Cecil/Cassandra
  17. OMG why is Cassandra still not safe yet, I just realized ...
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