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  1. Yeah, he's BOUND to get on America's Got Talent at some point! It's in his destiny. And that's run by NBC as well. He'd better not reach Marisa-level.
  2. Oh, and Ryan also liked this tweet: Oh, my God. Not again. Not twice in one season.
  3. I think he's salty about the elimination, so he latched onto a supportive message that negatively received NBC's actions in any way. Just my two cents.
  4. In order (from most to least shocking): Carter not getting PV. It's practically his destiny. He's crushing it on every platform I can think of. It would be absolutely mind-blowing if he didn't get PV. John saving Chloé. I'd love it, since I thought she did very well last night and she's underrated - but PV and CS is almost guaranteed to be some variation of Tamara and John Holiday. I'd be surprised if she somehow made it through semis. Kelly saving Tanner. I don't really think there's any humanly way we can predict what happens with Team Kelly tonight. Blake not saving Worth the Wait. He seems to really like them. Others have also mentioned his penchant for team loyalty, and I also don't think he'll pick two country singers for his team. Ian is pretty much assured to get PV, so his CS won't be Jim. I wouldn't be too surprised if he picked Sid instead, though. John H. not getting PV. He has momentum, but Tamara seems to be the favorite with zero controversy. I wouldn't be surprised if Tamara won instead. Gwen not saving Payge. Not in the realm of possibility, in my opinion. Don't worry. I'm already fully prepared for her PV/CS to be Carter/Ben.
  6. I'm shocked at how high Ian, Worth the Wait, and Carter are compared to everyone else. It really isn't even close. If this confirms anything, though, it's that viewers saw Ian's "Make You Feel My Love" as his breakout performance. He's had new life breathed into him since then, in terms of how I see people talking about him. I'm also shocked to see country doing this well. For one thing, this is YouTube, which is, as a whole, notoriously unfriendly to country artists. (It is also weird to consider that Desz did extremely well on YouTube for her actual performance, but not for the studio version.) Also, YIKES for John's team - none of them broke 1,000?!
  7. Just copying my post from the spoilers thread - there is now 100% confirmation, NOT FROM AN UNNAMED SOURCE, that Ryan's departure was due to violating COVID protocols. And it has the best source possible: Tori Walsh, an employee with NBC Universal. “The Voice has strict Covid protocols in place to secure a safe set. Ryan broke those protocols and out of an abundance of caution, we cannot have him continue in the competition and potentially put others at risk,” Tori Walsh from NBC Universal told MLive. No other details were given as to how he broke protocol. https://www.mlive.com/life/2020/12/ryan-gallager-forced-to-leave-the-voice-due-to-breaking-covid-protocols.html And for my personal opinion... bye. Rules are there for a very good reason. This one is totally justified for how much he could have put other contestants and crew members at risk.
  8. I remember a very similar discussion around Hello Sunday from Season 17 - a lot of people thought one singer was better than the other, and that the other singer was bringing down their performances. But yeah, the novelty of having 13- and 14-year-olds in a cute little duo together helps them in a way that singing solo cannot. I could imagine the same thing going on with Worth the Wait. Or maybe Mia DID originally audition alone, but TPTB stepped in and made her bring her sister and mom with her so they could be a trio... Simon Cowell-style... (I don't actually believe this lol)
  9. Not sure if anyone has posted this article yet, but it 100% confirms that Ryan's departure was due to violating COVID protocols. And it has the best source possible: Tori Walsh, an employee with NBC Universal. “The Voice has strict Covid protocols in place to secure a safe set. Ryan broke those protocols and out of an abundance of caution, we cannot have him continue in the competition and potentially put others at risk,” Tori Walsh from NBC Universal told MLive. No other details were given as to how he broke protocol. https://www.mlive.com/life/2020/12/ryan-gallager-forced-to-leave-the-voice-due-to-breaking-covid-protocols.html
  10. I mean, as someone who is usually not a fan of the country artists on The Voice, I've liked Ian and Ben since the beginning. They've been solid since their auditions, in my opinion. I hope they get even more appreciation for how well they did live last night.
  11. I stopped doubting Blake when he saved TSoul in Season 12. That was when I knew he was legit. I didn't 'love' TSoul that season, but I thought he was good, and I was shocked that Blake stuck with him so loyally. I REALLY stopped doubting Blake when he put so much effort into giving Kyla Jade a phenomenal season (until her legendary bus finale). Same with Toneisha, without the bussing. Just based on those three decisions alone, I don't think it's 100% out of the question for Blake to save Sid.
  12. So I made a little something in Excel for YouTube statistics! I know YouTube is not the best gauge for how the results will turn out (especially compared to Facebook and other platforms), but this might still be interesting to analyze. I took the views, likes/dislikes/ratio, and summarized the contents from the top 5 most upvoted comments. (Red text means that the top 5 comments were negative towards the singer.) I also recorded the time when I collected the data. As you can see, Carter is destroying everyone on YouTube, as he is on other social media platforms. Some other observations: Desz is doing surprisingly well on YouTube, considering how many people found her performance last night underwhelming. Carter and Desz have WAY more YouTube engagement than anyone else, and it isn't really close. Taryn is getting negative reception mostly because people feel irritated over Ryan's departure and Julia's elimination. There are very few comments on the quality of her actual performance. Poor Joseph will forever go forgotten; most people heard his performance and immediately compared it to Makenzie Thomas from Season 15. We probably all knew this by now, but country does not do well on YouTube. The four lowest like/dislike ratios belong to Taryn, Tanner, Worth the Wait, and Bailey. We also probably all knew this by now - but YouTube views are usually not indicative of how the results will turn out. I don't know, I just thought this would be fun https://imgur.com/oxJjw
  13. Interestingly enough, I didn't like Desz when I saw her on TV last night (and she's my #1 snowflake this season). But when I heard her on YouTube, she sounded WAY better. I think she, and Madeline and especially Tanner, were victims of the poor sound mixing. It seems like they fixed it after the first commercial break, because it wasn't a problem AT ALL for Cami (who did brilliantly, by the way). Anyway, here are my rankings: Cami Clune Chloé Hogan Carter Rubin Tamara Jade, living her best life Ian Flanigan Ben Allen Desz Payge Turner Sid Kingsley (although he really would have killed it with a better song choice) Taryn Papa Joseph Soul Jim Ranger (awful song choice, but I still like him quite a bit) John Holiday (I'm sorry, I really want to like him and I just can't get into him) Bailey Rae Madeline Consoer (super flat - literally singing between notes - in more than half of her performance) Worth the Wait (I'm sorry, their harmonies were painful to listen to live, and I think they were exposed) Tanner Gomes (awful song choice, mumbled the whole thing into the mic, no range... just really bad) What I WANT the results to be: Kelly: PV Cami, CS Desz, WC Madeline Gwen: PV Carter, CS Payge, WC Ben Blake: PV Ian, CS Sid, WC Jim John: PV Tamara, CS Chloé, WC John Wildcard Winner: Either Ben, or Jim What I THINK the results will be: Kelly: PV Cami, CS Tanner, WC Desz Gwen: PV Carter, CS Ben, WC Payge Blake: PV Ian, CS Worth the Wait, WC Jim John: PV Tamara, CS John, WC Bailey Wildcard Winner: Either Desz, or Jim
  14. Honestly, I wasn't all that passionate about who won the 4-Way Knockout. I was about 500% sure it was gonna be Ryan (before... "the incident"), but I'm really happy for Taryn. Her 4-Way Knockout performance was the worst of the four in my opinion; she had a brutally hard song that practically NO ONE sounds good on live (and for real, producers, please stop allowing people to sing "Cry" because it's an assassin). But everything she did before that was really solid. She has a really good voice. I'm glad she got another chance and didn't leave on a bad note. And her Playoffs performance really wasn't as bad as people are letting on; I think most of her negative reception comes from people letting off steam over Julia and Ryan.
  15. No, I know for a FACT that Ryan is cocky. How can I tell? Because I watched him on a reality television show for a few minutes.
  16. I'm not really sure if Carter is a lock. Ben did quite well tonight - and he is doing better than your average successful country artists do on social media. At the end of the day, though, if Carter DOES NOT win PV, there is a 100% chance Gwen will choose to save him anyway. He's likely to win it, and I think in that event, Gwen would steal Ben. I'm about 95% sure Gwen's two competitors are going to be Carter and Ben, no matter which of the two gets PV.
  17. I've also seen that, but it feels more like Twitter speculation based on his package story (regarding his mom having COVID). It could be true - or it could be false. No way of knowing until Ryan spills the tea. I'm gonna need him to hurry while it's hot.
  18. For my Instagramless friends, this is what Ryan said in his story, verbatim: "Thank you, everybody, for your concern for my family. However, everybody's fine. That's not the cause of what happened tonight on The Voice. I didn't drop out of the show. Details are still to come. I'll keep you posted."
  19. It's nice to see Charlie actually showing a range in his grades. It was exhausting during the Knockouts, when he gave Payge a random C and nearly everyone else got an A. It's also nice to know that Charlie's prediction for the Top 8 was already declared wrong as hell in the first 5 minutes of the episode.
  20. As a massive Marisa stan as well (who was admittedly very salty as I watched her elimination), I can acknowledge it, too. I don't understand his willingness to ignore Marisa's attacks, which got really gross and problematic towards both Kelly and Tanner.
  21. That is definitely within the realm of possibility. But he also got an extremely unflattering Playoffs song. I don't think TPTB want him to stick around much longer.
  22. Is that really certain at this point? I used to think it was, but I think Kelly's top 2 could be any combination of Ryan, Cami, and Desz. And there's no telling which one America will favor (although I'm slightly leaning Ryan, possibly Desz) and which one Kelly will deem worthy of her save.
  23. Everyone else has already pointed out how hilariously incorrect these predictions are, but I also want to point out the intro: Like, dude... okay, we got it during last week's recap. We're good. Spoken like a man who definitely hasn't visited her Twitter account.
  24. There's a possibility that Taryn is (1) trying to generate social media buzz among her fans, and (2) trying to throw people off (in a good way) to keep from spoiling the results. It's the same way that people who are eliminated in the Knockouts will post stuff the night before it airs like, "Tune in to see what happens next!" while knowing that they went home.
  25. I can't imagine that they would just eliminate someone for that reason. After all... there's a precedent for singers NOT being eliminated in spite of their refusal to sing.
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