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  1. That was fun from Cody but hardly perfect score worthy haha
  2. ……. Wtf @ producers including Suni getting sick in that montage like what was the reason……..
  3. I’m actually kinda rooting for Iman Excited for the show!
  4. Yeah I think its gonna be Iman/Cody for top 2, Jojo 3rd and Amanda 4th- with the possibility of Amanda and Jojo flipping Based on what ive seen on SM it seems like its the majority of the DWTS fanbase vs Cody's cult following. If the DWTS fanbase goes hard for Iman we may be able to get Iman to edge out Cody, but hard to tell. Ugh, I cant believe on a season with SO many talented women we end up with a mediocre dancer male top 2 (well I can believe it but still)
  5. They seem to like her in general, I just don’t see a ton of comments about her. She and Melora are the contestants that seem to be the least talked about on Facebook. It’s interesting that she’s getting the votes. Her fans must be coming through for her or she’s tapping into an offline audience.
  6. I took a look at Facebook and suni seems to be getting a lot of love under the semi finalist post that they posted. Fingers crossed that maybe she won some new voters over this week. Unfortunately though, I saw a lot of Cody love too
  7. Honestly if Suni manages to pull out a finale appearance I dont even care where she places, ill consider that a victory
  8. Maybe it’s me but I’m not shocked by Olivia getting through… she got a 42 lol… judges scores are propping her up. Give her a 35 and see how she does
  9. Yeah its possible. I do think she won't be bottom next week due to her likely having a B2 rebound but I could see it going into finals. with 2 double elims coming and how unpredictable this season has been its gonna be a mess, lol.
  10. I think Jojo will be in the finals no matter what because I think the judges will save her over anyone else. The only way shes getting out is if she's the very bottom and is the automatic elimination going into semis or finals In all honesty I think voting must be really close because ive never seen a season where so many stars have been in and out of the bottom and so many shocking bottoms as this one. Its to the point I dont even know if there's a frontrunner
  11. I had a feeling my girl suni wouldn’t be eliminated this week but when everyone was guessing her I didn’t want to jinx it LOL BUT I thought her being bottom would motivate her fans. I’m glad she’s into the next week but jojo and the Miz? I’m shocked
  12. I feel so bad for my girl suni mostly because I know through following her through gymnastics that she takes stuff, especially what people think of her hard. After last night, I honestly will not be shocked if we have Jojo and 3 males in the finale lol
  13. Wow! I’m really shocked by tonight tbh. I don’t like Olivia but I thought she’d escape the bottom for at least a week or 2 more. And a spice girl out on week 5? The show is really proving it really could be anyone, everyone has to stay on their A game
  14. https://variety.com/2021/awards/locations/iatse-hollywood-deal-strike-studios-1235090873/ Great news, IATSE and Hollywood studios closing in on a deal to avert Monday’s strike. Looks like grease night will go on. Happily surprised by this news. Not just for the show but for all workers involved as well
  15. It’s so crazy how far above literally everyone else jojo and suni are in terms of YouTube views lol. Not saying it necessarily equals votes but that 295k to 700k jump
  16. I just wanna know how you cha cha alone in a room What if one of their feeds have a delay? Can judges critique them for being out of sync? For real though, I agree with a lot of the comments here, I feel horrible for them... this situation sucks but it does feel a bit unfair to others too. And yes, very interesting question about whether the same would have been done for a contestant with a less vocal following
  17. Thanks for this! YouTube stats are always so interesting to me. There’s always some surprises. Top 2 is unsurprising (But deserved) —seems jojo/Jenna will also be very controversial too tho since they’re also the most disliked along with liked. Predicted faves like Amanda and Melora being lower is also interesting and makes me wonder if they are really as shoe in front runners as many people think. interested to see how stats shake out in weeks yo come!
  18. 1. Suni & Sasha 2. Iman & Daniella (the BEST surprise of the night IMO and so underscored!) 3. Mel & Gleb 4. Jojo & Jenna 5. Melora & Artem 6. Amanda & Alan 7. Kenya & Brandon 8. Miz & Witney 9. Cody & Cheryl (expected them to be higher but I was kind of underwhelmed tbh) 10. Jimmie & Emma 11. Olivia & Val 12. Brian & Sharna 13. Christine & Pasha (they were good, I just found them idk--forgettable?) 14. Matt & Lindsay 15. Martin & Britt (sorry Britt)
  19. Jojo and Jenna were great but i also low key felt like they wanted their same sex partnership to be in the lead instead of a 3 way tie hence the 8 not til the end lol. but everyone did good! Very proud of the ladies especially so much poetential there
  20. Wooohoo Britney night!! Tbh my immediate thought is I hope a female celeb does circus. I know Tinashe did it in season 27 but I feel like it could be a really fun one.
  21. Choosing to save couple reveal for the premiere is truly the dumbest idea. I liked it way more when they revealed it with the celebs. It makes it so some celebs post barely anything pre season because they don’t wanna risk spoiling and the ones that do post inevitably accidentally spoil.
  22. Honestly, I’m a bachelor fan and I don’t see Matt going too far. He really isn’t loved by the bachelor fanbase the way others have been and this cast seems to be stacked with people with actual fanbases. I don’t think he’ll be a week 1 elim or anything but I could easily see him not going as far as is expected by a normal bachelor person
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