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  1. Wow, if brynn is really at over 800k for streaming that’s actually amazing, i think that’s the best she’s ever done streaming wise so quickly for a release
  2. Love if I could! Brynns voice sounds really beautiful.
  3. I am very glad brynn (and her label) is getting this song out soon. I like long way home but I thought it was a bit of a mistake waiting weeks after her tik Tok blew up to release it. Get on it while the hype is there!
  4. Wow, the snippet from Brynns new song is great, her voice sounds beautiful! The Tik Tok is really taking off too, it’s at 500k views now!
  5. Maybe Brynns song isn’t charting the way we hoped but she’s doing good with streams. She just tweeted a screenshot about being over 100k streams on Spotify (127k the screenshot currently says)... 99K is what spotify has for yesterday currently. I think promo is key. It’s hard to get recognition with those outside of your fanbase without promo, radio play, appearances, etc. hopefully that is coming soon. I still think her streams are impressive.
  6. I love it!! I hope it does well for Brynn it’s really catchy and I love how excited she is!
  7. I hope her label can get it on some spotify/Apple Music playlists (new music Friday, etc) ... that’s what will get her some good streams to start off. I won’t be surprised if kelly has brynn on her show sometime in the next couple weeks to try to help her too. I hope she keeps posting stuff on tik tok and I hope her label actually does some promo for her. You never really know what songs will be hits, what will be misses and what will fall somewhere in the middle so right now just hoping she does well in streaming and can get on the iTunes Charts
  8. Brynn just announced long way home will be released next Friday, the 19th! Already pre saved it, so excited
  9. I love kelly and brynns relationship so much it’s so cute! Kelly is an amazing coach to everyone but she doesn’t really hide that Brynns her favorite haha adorable
  10. Yay!! Glad they’re jumping on it
  11. I think they hoped it would do well (like a couple hundred thousand K like her others) but I don’t think they expected 1M and her to gain 30k followers on there in a day. She’s even about to get her 200k back I’m Insta becuase of it. If I were them I’d rush it out while it’s hot too LOL.
  12. Haven't been around in awhile but I saw Brynn's new song on Tik Tok and thought it was really good, really hoping it takes off when she releases it! She also seems to have found a niche on Tik Tok, some of her videos have done really well. I noticed she also gained like 20k followers yesterday and her video is almost to 1M ...hopefully that will translate to more fans listening to and spreading her music.
  13. i dont see how promoting her own network (which her producers probably play a huge role in) makes her a tool but ok. :ph34r:
  14. They definitely promote The Voice a good amount on her show. Of course Brynn was just on and Kaleb Lee was as well but even outside of the contestants, i think Blake and John have both been on at least twice alone and then Gwen, John and Blake were all on their together one time as well. A good amount of AGT people have gone there too. They're def using Kellys show to promote other shows on their network.
  15. Lol Maelyn not being Kellys favorite of the season doesnt make her a terrible person.
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