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  1. i dont see how promoting her own network (which her producers probably play a huge role in) makes her a tool but ok. :ph34r:
  2. They definitely promote The Voice a good amount on her show. Of course Brynn was just on and Kaleb Lee was as well but even outside of the contestants, i think Blake and John have both been on at least twice alone and then Gwen, John and Blake were all on their together one time as well. A good amount of AGT people have gone there too. They're def using Kellys show to promote other shows on their network.
  3. Lol Maelyn not being Kellys favorite of the season doesnt make her a terrible person.
  4. Theyre definitely gonna push for a Nick win.
  5. Is a name change with winners actually a good idea? I get wanting to get away from the voice stigma but arguably Jordan, Cassadee and Danielle are the most successful winners and none of them have separated their Spotify profiles from their The Voice music. Not criticizing anyone that chooses to do so, just wondering if it does more harm than good?
  6. I don't even think Kelly has that much to do with Brynn's streams. Brynns going on the Kelly Clarkson show today but that hasn't even aired yet. I think her streams more have to do with her getting put on Spotify's "New Music Holiday" playlist (likely her label's doing)...although maybe indirectly as im sure Brynns management knows she needs to get on playlists to stand a chance thus push for it.
  7. somehow i doubt freakin Kelly Clarkson, the biggest pop star ever to come from a singing competition show, is jealous of someone who hasnt even made it yet. i like maelyn but come on :lol:
  8. https://twitter.com/BrynnCUpdates/status/12...4840409088?s=20 ^^ Link to a couple pictures of Brynn taping the Kelly Clarkson show yesterday :) Airs tomorrow
  9. Brynn and Maelyn were also most streamed for several weeks as well.... Not saying its not possible for Jake to see success (he may) but he literally has the least followers of all the recent winners and we have no idea if those fans will actually follow him into his career or if they were just fans invested in him for the voice win.
  10. omg im honestly SHOOK. I expected at least 2nd for Katie.... Gonna guess Jake won but who knows maybe Team Blake pulled it out with only 1 finalist
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