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  1. For those who are desperate for spoilers I will let someone648 post the rest TEAM BLAKE Cedrice Webber (Love on the brain by Rihanna) vs Toneisha Harris (Diamonds by Rihanna) TEAM KELLY Cam Wesley (Say Something by A Great Big World ) vs Megan Danielle (Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson) TEAM NICK Allegra Miles (Chandelier by Sia) vs Jacob TBA TEAM JOHN Thunderstorm Artis (Preach by John) vs Mandi Castillo (Stand by Me Ben E. King) TEAM JOHN Joanna Serenko (Angel From Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt) vs Zan Fiskum (The story by Brandi Carlile) TEAM BLAKE Joei Fulco (TBA) vs Levi Watkins (TBA) TEAM KELLY Micah Iverson (Graveyard by Halsey vs Taylor Green (Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper)
  2. She was on Team Nick for battles but lost, she's Johns battle steal and Blakes KO steal Pretty much the same people who got stolen during the battles lose their KO and get re-stolen LOL
  3. BUT gets stolen by Blake, she's GOOD
  4. She loses her KO to Zan Fiskum after singing Angel from Montgomery
  5. Micah Iverson also posted a story and his background looks like the hotel headboard so maybe he was actually trolling us
  6. Micah Iverson is good, I like him but he seems to be in his hometown (not in LA) based on his recent IG story ( Also Tate Brusa is deleting his music account which could be either good or bad I remember James violet had his personal and music account and used his music account for the voice Also, does anyone now if Karina Rae is in? She's good
  7. thank you :flowers: has anyone reached out to you with blind audition spoilers?
  8. oh s17 is definitely the best we've had since s13
  9. true lol, but with the lack of talent we've had since s13 i am desperate to find another set of similar artists, i don't even care about the format anymore, i just want to hear someone as good as Brooke Simpson, Addison Agen, Chloe, Noah Mac, Keisha Renee, Davon etc.. lol :"> slowly giving up though
  10. This season had a lot of potential but most of the artists with lots of potential were sent home early (mendeleyev, zoe upkins, marina chello, kyndal inskeep, khalea lynee, james violet, matt new, brennan lassiter, brooke stephenson, and now cali and max boyle :'( I am still trying to figure out how hello sunday, shane q, will breman, and myracle made it this far who's else is ready for season 18?? :flowers:
  11. Am I the only one who got random spoilers on their message box about S18 contestants?? :ph34r:
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