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  1. Aliyah honestly owns this song. Everyone who has done it so far has done good but she was the first one and was gaining so much momentum at the time. Todd and Davon are close behind.
  2. Yeah that’s very true. Hopefully Corey has a good song.
  3. Not sure if I’m just being optimistic but I think Corey still has a good chance
  4. Tbh performances tonight don’t have any effect on the IS. The IS performances along with built up fanbases will decide the winner.
  5. That might mean those three will perform solos in the second half
  6. I want Corey to do cellophane if he makes the finale
  7. Kenzie, Jordan, Rachel Gihanna, Cam, Corey Dana, Pia, Victor
  8. Zae: Falling>Electric Love>When I Look At You>Rewrite the Stars Zania: If I Were Your Woman>Sweet Love>Emotion>Dangerous Woman Ryleigh: pov>Use Somebody>drivers license>when the party’s over Andrew: I Won’t Give Up>Adore You>Gravity>Put Your Records On Jose: You Say>At This Moment>Talking to the Moon>Break Every Chain Devan: Stuck With You>Hard Place>Sign of the Times>Shape of My Heart Pete: Can’t Find My Way Home>Have a Little Faith in Me>Before You Go>We Belong Anna: If I Die Young>my future>Let Her Go>You Know I’m No Good
  9. Yea I mixed that up so that changes a lot LOL
  10. T17 Kelly PV: Kenzie and Corey CS: Gihanna WC: Zae John PV: Victor and Ryleigh CS: Pia Nick PV: Rachel and Dana CS: Jose Blake PV: Cam and Pete CS: Jordan T13 B3: Jose, Zae, Pia (wins) T11 B2: Pia and Ryleigh (wins) T10 B3: Ryleigh (wins), Dana, Jordan T8 PV: Cam, Kenzie, Corey M3: Gihanna, Victor, Rachel (wins) B2: Ryleigh and Pete T4 1. Cam 2. Kenzie 3. Cam 4. Rachel
  11. 1. Cam 2. Kenzie 3. Corey 4. Victor 5. Rachel 6. Gihanna 7. Jordan 8. Dana 9. Pia
  12. 169 Corey Ward - Bruises (The Voice Performance) 211 Jordan Matthew Young - Gold Dust Woman (The Voice Performance) 222 Cam Anthony - Take Me To Church (The Voice Performance) 336 Pete Mroz - We Belong (The Voice Performance) 469 Rachel Mac - Rainbow (The Voice Performance) 522 Anna Grace - Let Her Go (The Voice Performance) 681 Ryleigh Modig - drivers license (The Voice Performance) 719 Kenzie Wheeler - Red Dirt Road (The Voice Performance) 1498 Dana Monique - Free Your Mind (The Voice Performance)
  13. 1. Corey 2. Gihanna 3. Rachel 4. Dana 5. Victor 6. Pia 7. Cam 8. Kenzie 9. Jordan I like all 9 of them and Jordan is only last because nothing he’s done so far as been that exciting for me except for his PO. Cam has also had bad song choices imo so I think he would be higher if he did better songs.
  14. Yes that’s true. I remember I was thinking he was a lock for top 9 before we got battle spoilers.
  15. Liam St. John being gwens ticket to win
  16. I wouldn’t call him fodder prelives but Paxton seemed like fodder in the playoffs
  17. I don’t think anyone can touch Vanessa’s version but the others still did well
  18. I think cam and Kenzie are the only thing close to a lock. Victor hasn’t been nearly as well received since his audition so I wouldn’t fill count on him just yet. Jose also seems to be the least popular person on team nick so I don’t expect him to even make it to the t9. Corey also seems to be on a Max Boyle trajectory so we’ll have to see if he gets into the t9.
  19. Knockout Night 1 Corey Ward - Already Gone- 10 Ryleigh Modig - Use Somebody- 9.5 Jordan Matthew Young - She Talks to Angels- 6.7 Ethan Lively - Help Me Hold On- 7 Ciana Pelekai - Cuz I Love You- 7.9 Pia Renee - What the World Needs Now is Love- 8 Dana Monique - Nutbush City Limits- 9 Keegan Ferrell - Just My Imagination- 7.5 Victor Solomon - My Girl- 7.8 Gean Garcia - Afterglow- 9 Andrew Marshall - I Won’t Give Up- 8.5 Pete Mro6z - Before You Go- 8 Knockout Night 2 Rachel Mac - Foolish Games- 9.5 Zae Romeo - Electric Love- 9.5 Kenzie Wheeler - Beer Never Broke My Heart- 8.5 Avery Roberson - Tomorrow- 7 Rio Doyle - Issues- 9 Zania Alake - If I Were Your Woman- 9.3 Connor Christian - Youngblood- 6 Cam Anthony - Feeling Good- 8.7 Anna Grace - If I Die Young- 9.5 Gihanna Zoe - Glitter in the Air- 9.5 Emma Caroline - Neon Moon- 8.8 Devan Blake Jones - Sign of the Times- 6 Carolina Rial - Anyone- 7 Savanna Woods - Black Hole Sun- 9
  20. I have a bunch of people that I liked but no snowflakes right now so I can't even tell who is 1. 1. Gihanna Zoë 2. Ryleigh Modig 3. Corey Ward 4. Dana Monique 5. Andrew Marshall 6. Emma Caroline 7. Zania Alaké 8. Zae Romeo 9. Anna Grace 10 Victor Solomon 11. Savanna Woods 12. Cam Anthony 13. Kenzie Wheeler 14. Rachel Mac 15. Pete Mroz 16. Pia Renee 17. Carolina Rial 18. Jose Figueroa Jr. 19. Jordan Matthew Young 20. Devan Blake Jones
  21. Courtney and TSoul were both still voted through pretty far. Blake’s s11 team was quite weak so I don’t think anyone had a significantly stronger support than her and in s12 only casi might’ve had more votes but she would cancel out votes with Lauren. When we had iTunes sales, he almost always picked the highest charter and now usually picks whoever is most popular. Jordan still has time to get support so we’ll just have to see.
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