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  1. Just now, Raphy said:

    But with Arthur coming back, hey should’ve gone with 2 girls. 

    They don't have that foresight. Foolishly, they honestly think that a Top 12 of six and six will lead to a Top 10 of five and five, when it'll at best be six and four, and possibly even 7-3 (but probably 6-4; wild cards have yet to outlast non-wild cards in the ABC era so it'll probably be Beane, Madison, and one of the other girls leaving and then Arthur will join to make it 6-4.)

  2. Not surprised they went one guy and one girl to make it 6 and 6. Don't believe them for a moment when they say it's judged solely on tonight's performances; Madison's probably been stronger overall but Alanis slayed all the competition tonight. Literally anyone could've been in the bottom five and if it was solely on tonight's performances, Alanis would've been robbed.

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  3. Just now, KelseyW said:

    Typical of my faves... lol

    Same, always has been. You a fellow Haley Reinhart/Hollie Cavanagh fan? I was full bore for Haley in S10; S11 was just so deep that I actually let my real favorite go because I perceived that Hollie "needed" my votes more, albeit only by one week (yes, that's why I was one of the few people on Hannah's bandwagon; she reminded me of Skylar, though not quite as talented.)

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

    The Avril influence in her fashion tonight :wub:

    I'm still waiting for our first Avril performance on Idol. A lot of the most popular songs probably don't work well for a singing competition but I could see someone having a moment with "I'm With You".

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  5. Just now, idol_angst said:

    I didn't want to like Chayce, but he's a good performer. I started being bigger fans of Alanis and Hunter, but so far Casey and Chayce have won me over. So many similar contestants, I don't know if both sets can make it much further. 



    We can only hope.


    (Well, for Chayce knocking out Hunter, anyway. I'm still hoping Alanis can reclaim some of her old swagger, though not at Casey's expense.

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  6. 1 minute ago, Bk1234 said:

    Not surprised with Beane not being safe. I feel like he’ll be picked by the judges though.

    Agree. Also, I think having Beane as one of the possible choices all but ensures that Colin is leaving, since those two are most likely to be splitting and Beane's the superior singer.

  7. Yes, that's correct; no alcohol tonight; I've got a bit of an upset stomach right now and I had a brief dizzy spell at around 1 PM so I'm just going to have some lemon ginger tea...oh, wow. Luke tested positive for COVID so he's resting at home and instead we have a guest judge...Season 1-8 judge Paula Abdul?! Wow, that was unexpected. Paula and Ryan catch up, and she takes a shot at Simon's age. They put up a photo of Paula and Ryan in Season 1. Mom says that the judges don't have anything to decide, and I tell her yes they do, tonight's wild card night. The first person to take center stage is Casey Bishop, and after pausing so long that I half expect him to send it to a commercial break with her standing there, Ryan informs her that she is in the Top Ten. She's singing "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals. Well, she's no Haley Reinhart, but this is good, if a little shouty. 84 seems right. ...Wait, Ryan, the five that will sing for their lives? Did, uh, did someone drop out? Colin Jamieson is up second and he's already hyping up the crowd, and he's not in America's top ten. He's singing "Waves" by Dean Lewis, and it's actually good. Best performance I've seen out of him; I give it a score of 69. I also get confirmation that Wyatt Pike has dropped out, for reasons still unknown.


    DeShawn's up third, snazzy as ever. He's in the Top 10. He's going uptempo with Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" and wearing a suit reminiscent of fifties groups--my mother name-checks The Platters. This is...just okay. 60. Up fourth is Cassandra Coleman. She's singing "Light On" by Maggie Rogers--oh, this song! I know this song. Again, not blowing me away, but very good, 73.


    Caleb's up fifth; Ryan jokes that he doesn't recognize him without the hat. He'll be doing an original that he'd been working on when he first auditioned. Ryan's squinting at the card. But Caleb is advancing. The song is called "Nowhere", and of course, he's better on an original than he is on a cover. 74. We need another person for the Danger Zone, but instead, we get another commercial break.


    The reunion tour continue with Randy Jackson joining via FaceTime. He's hardly recognizable with how much weight he's lost. Paula makes a weird joke about STDs and then makes the letters stand for something else. Madison Watkins is up sixth...oh no, she's in the Danger Zone. And double oh no, she's singing Drake's "Hotline Bling". Of course, it's a huge reimagining, so it becomes acceptable. 67. Ava August is up next, looking ready for prom. She's in the Top Ten, singing "Love of My Life" by Queen. Ugh, a slow ballad. 78, because I can tell it was good, but I'm never going to be a fan. We get an anecdote about the mailman in Ava's neighborhood hearing her singing from her bedroom as he delivered the mail when she was a little kid.


    We get some of Luke's comments from home messaged to Ryan. Beane's up eighth and has not been put through. He's singing "Grow as We Go". 88! Beane was robbed! Chayce Beckham's up sixth, and he'll go through...yes, he does. He's singing "What Brings Life Also Kills" by Kolton More and the Clever Few. Even better than Beane, I think, so we'll go with 89 to top it.


    Ryan finally announces the twist that we here at IDF have known about for over a week. Then he announces that Alyssa Wray is safe, and singing "Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston. Please no. 26 even with the impressive big notes. Ryan quickly makes with the pimpage, mentioning that Jennifer Hudson was DM-ing Alyssa. My mom said she liked Alyssa's version better than Whitney's...really? That's one of "the songs", the ones that I'll always critique harshly because my mother sang them to me when I was a kid. ...What the hell are you wearing, Alanis? She is not in the Top Ten. She's doing Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack". And despite the ridiculous outfit, that's a 96. Amazing.


    Sadly, my commentary for the next few singers got eaten by improperly saving data when I got a PM. I loved Willie and Grace, a 94 for the former and a 92 for the latter. Hunter was not bad, but not great and it was a weird song choice, I gave him a 54. Graham is the last one in the Danger Zone, and he gives another old-fashioned performance, very pretty. 70 seems right. The judges seem to love him, though.


    The judges made their choices over the commercial break. I quickly count up the gender breakdown of the Top 10, it's 5 and 5. So probably one guy and one girl. Lionel says that they're judging them only on tonight's performances, and on that note, their first pick is...Madison Watkins?! Holy crap that's a bad take. Katy says that the three judges all chose the same two contestants, and the other one was...Beane.

  8. 12 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

    Will Wyatt be another Benson mystery?

    animation film GIF by POKÉMON Detective Pikachu

    Detective Pikachu! Still need to see that movie; game was pretty good though I found that it seemed to be catering more to Pokémon fans than to VN fans, making it so easy that it wrapped right back around to being difficult for an Ace Attorney/Zero Escape veteran like myself.


    Happy with all of these results so far. Wyatt's absence is...less than ideal, but it does increase the likelihood that all of the contestants I really care about advance.

  9. 2 hours ago, Elliott said:

    When you realize someone can now sing Jesus Take the Wheel on Year You Were Born week...

    Yeah...Season 4 was the first year they had a "Year You Were Born" week, seems crazy that people born during that season are on Idol now.


    We haven't had one of those since S16, right? We're probably due for one this year; they usually trot it out every few years. ...Actually, looks like they used to do it fairly frequently, sporadically. The record shows that the seasons with that theme are...4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 16.


    *quickly looks at years of birth for the two rock chicks* ...damnit, 2001 and 2005. I...honestly can't think of anything up their alley from those years. 2002 and 2004 would be so much better.


    Then again Casey's mostly been singing songs originally done by guys anyway, so she should be fine. I think. ...Oh dear. Please don't let there be a "Year You Were Born" week; I'm looking at the top songs from that year and I think Casey's best option is to commit the cardinal sin of American Idol. (You know, covering Kelly Clarkson when not being forced into it by a stupid theme week?)

  10. 18 minutes ago, Raphy said:

    Madison made me a fan tonight. It was one of the most mature and honest performances I’ve seen in a while, especially at this stage of the competition. Reminded me a bit of Angie. 

    You know, you might be right. Loved Angie back in Season 12; can't believe she never got a 5-star performance on WNTS.

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    7 hours ago, sublymonal said:
    10 hours ago, *Wallace said:

    Sent in my votes!


    May I claim Grace & Willie? 😮 

    Yes, I'll add you to them!


    Also, according to the Idol contestants stories, tonight they will reveal the Top 16 and they will perform, then we will vote.

    Then tomorrow, the Top 10 will be revealed and will perform. I assume tomorrow is when the "twist" will also be revealed.


    So, the way this is going to work for the redo: I will post the Top 16 show tonight. Voting will stay open until Wednesday.

    Then on Wednesday, I will close the Top 16 polls, reveal the Top 10 and post the Top 10 performances + the twist.

    Then voting for that will stay open until Sunday, right before the next show, that way, there will be about 4 days to vote for each show.


    I will tag everyone who voted in last week's shows to make sure you vote before the deadline.

      Excuse you, I had her first!

    On 4/5/2021 at 11:15 PM, ScarletDevilCCX said:

    I'll claim Casey and...

    I'd say Grace as my second then, but I see BK's claims listed as Grace and Anilee.


    Grace if she's available, otherwise Andrea for my second. I may be a fan of Hannah, but I'm not stupid; I can tell she's not going far in this. (Also, voted.)


    On 4/5/2021 at 11:18 PM, Bk1234 said:

    It’s supposed to be Jason and Anilee @sublymonal.


    On 4/5/2021 at 11:22 PM, ScarletDevilCCX said:

    Cool. Then mine are Casey and Grace.


  12. 1. Madison Watkins - “Gravity” (Sara Bareilles)

    2. Casey Bishop - “Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden)
    3. Willie Spence - “Set Fire to the Rain” (Adele)

    4. Grace Kintsler - “Elastic Heart” (Sia)

    5. Beane - “Searching For a Feeling” (Thirdstory)

    6. Cassandra Coleman - “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak)

    7. Ava August - “2002” (Ann Marie)

    8. Hunter Metts - “Skinny Love” (Bon Iver)




    9. Deshawn Goncalves - “Feeling Good” (Nina Simone)


    10. Chayce Beckham - “Waiting in Vain” (Bob Marley and the Wailers)

    11. Graham DeFranco - “That’s Life” (Frank Sinatra)


    12. Alanis Sophia - “The Story” (Brandi Carlisle)

    13. Colin Jamieson - “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (Tears for Fears)


    14. Caleb Kennedy - “Midnight Train to Memphis” (The SteelDrivers)

    15. Wyatt Pike - “Use Somebody” (Kings of Leon)

    16. Alyssa Wray - “Killing Me Softly With His Song” (Roberta Flack)


    Each space represents a gap of at least five points in my WNTS rankings. And yes, that does mean that my #8 was slightly closer to my #1 than to my #9 (95 - 80 - 64)

  13. 1 hour ago, Elliott said:

    Happy Danny Glover GIF by Regal

    Hey, even I'll concede that she had a down night last week. But a down week for her was still better than the train wrecks that Caleb, Colin, Hunter, Jason, and Madison put up last week. Group B was a nightmare--if I actually had to pick the eight finalists who were most deserving solely on those performances, Colin actually squeaks in at eighth place despite being the weakest pure vocalist of the Top 24 solely on the strength of his stage presence on his solo. And note that I'm not disappointed to see Liahona go despite not listing her in the "train wreck" category.


    Hopefully America will give Caleb, Colin, and Hunter the boot, though I'm not sure if it's possible for the voters to screw up royally enough that the judges don't save Hunter. (Madison advancing I'm fine with. I didn't like her last week but she killed it this week. She didn't get that much screen time though so I was surprised to see her advance. TBH, Hunter performed well tonight too so I won't be too disappointed as long as he's not advancing at the expense of my favorites, but it was really painful to give him a quality rating tonight because as soon as the song choice was announced I was ready to elevate him back to Public Enemy #1 over Caleb.)

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