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  1. Same. I didn't even watch much of S13 for some reason so getting a second chance at Jena and Alex would be cool. I was also a huge fan of both Hollie and Skylar in S11 so I'd add them to that list. Also, I'm guessing you just went by "year of birth=1993 or later"? Because I've also got Katie Stevens (Season 9, 8th place) and Mackenzie Bourg (Season 15, 4th place) on my list--both of them born in late 1992, so they should still be eligible. (Katie for sure, since her birthday's in December. Mackenzie, it's an interesting one, because he does turn 29 a few days before the deadline for contestants on the young end to turn 15, but for some reason there's actually a good 3.5 months where it's fine if you're already 29.)
  2. Well it's fine because it looks like just like she mistakenly included everyone born after 1/1/92 but before 6/2/92, you omitted everyone born after 6/2/92 but before 1/1/93. Which on the finalists side is just Katie Stevens and Mackenzie Bourg, but her list also includes semifinalists so I don't know which of the others on her list don't actually belong (I can confidently assure you that Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew do, though, since I have them on my list as the 11th and 12 place finishers rather than as mere "semifinalists" due to that silly Wild Card vote-off for an 11th spot on the tour despite them only having a Top 10 for finalists that year). The reason I didn't bother including semifinalists in my list is because I used WNTS to create my list, and they didn't bother dredging up dates of birth for all the semifinalists for all seasons. Actually I think the seasons they got lazy on, S14 and probably S15, they didn't do it for the finalists either but Wikipedia was able to help me with that. I haven't updated my list since the start of the ABC era but that's only a few years old so there probably aren't too many age-outs. (Though sadly, one of S17's biggest snubs has aged out.)
  3. Wow. Given the supposed advantage that men have, it's amazing that we've had an all-female Final 5 more recently than an all-male Final 3. Actually, come to think of it...through the first 18 seasons, we've had 11 instances of the winner and runner-up being different genders, 5 where they were both male, and 2 where they were both female. But in the 5 all-male pairings, only once was the third-place finisher also male, and that season had a female finish fourth. Whereas both of the seasons with an all-female pairing, the entire Top 4 was female, and in one of those the fifth-place finisher was also female! Seems like when it's a girl's year, it's usually fairly obvious. Last year was a major exception, of course, with a 4/1 male-female split in the Top 5 and the lone female winning, but that was the first time that a female won when it wasn't at the very least 2-1 females by Top 3, and only one FOX-era female champion so much as had a 2-2 split at Top 4 (Carrie Underwood). Actually, in a weird way this makes sense. If there are people who tend to always vote for one particular gender, it's not surprising that even when one gender has the early advantage, it'd take a long time to finish the other gender off. I feel like 3-1 male might actually be the most common Final Four rather than 2-2...let me just tally it up... S1: 1-3 S2: 3-1 S3: 0-4 S4: 2-2 S5: 3-1 S6: 1-3 S7: 3-1 S8: 3-1 S9: 3-1 S10: 2-2 S11: 2-2 S12: 0-4 S13: 2-2 S14: 3-1 S15: 3-1 S16: 2-2 S17: 3-1 S18: 3-1 Yeah, I was right. 50% of the time, the Final Four is 3 guys and 1 girl. (It amazes me that I'm able to confidently say that even about the three ABC era seasons, none of which had a show with exactly four performers. For Seasons 16 and 18, it's because all of the multiple cuts from 5 were of the same gender; for Season 17, it's because America did vote in a Top 4 and there was a save, and ABC-era voting patterns say that anyone saved by the judges is immediately eliminated again so I can confidently declare that Wade was 4th and Laci Kaye 5th.) What will this year bring? I'm tempted to say "hopefully this will be the year that I can't definitively determine the gender makeup of the Final Four", but in both of the 3-person Finale years, the gender with the 2-1 advantage in the show still produced the winner so the idea that having two guys as her opponents would help Casey win is largely unfounded, not to mention one of those guys would certainly be Willie and regardless of which of the other two guys it is, that trio probably favors Willie (more so if it's Chayce, but probably for Caleb as well). Now if it was Willie, Grace, and Caleb/Chayce, that one probably favors Caleb/Chayce.
  4. Oh, you went the extra mile and had the semifinalists too! Though just from the finalists, I can tell you that a few of those are too old, specifically Alison Iraheta, Jasmine Murray, Joshua Ledet, Jeremy Rosado, Majesty Rose, and Clark Beckham. It's an understandable mistake, though; all of these contestants were born after January 1, 1992 but before the cutoff date of June 2, 1992.
  5. Yeah, I find it hilarious that they say that the only ones ineligible by rank are "the 19 winners" when literally no one from Paula's time as a judge would be eligible by age. (Specifically Paula's; Season 9 still has a couple of contestants that get in under the wire.) ...Wait, I'm looking at that list... (Yes, at one point during the hiatus year, I got bored enough to take the dates of birth listed for the FOX era contestants on WNTS and make a sortable Excel Spreadsheet out of them. I like data.) Okay, I'm fine with this now. The potential returnees from Season 11 alone make this worthwhile (Jessica, Hollie, and Skylar are all young enough), and Seasons 12 and 13 also have multiple Top 4 finishers still young enough (Angie and Amber, Jena and Alex).
  6. Standard spacing rates apply. 1. Casey Bishop - “Ironic” (Alanis Morissette) 2. Willie Spence - “Yellow” (Coldplay) 3. Grace Kinstler - “When We Were Young” (Adele) 4. Willie Spence - “You Are So Beautiful” (Joe Cocker) 5. Caleb Kennedy - “Violet Hill” (Coldplay) 6. Chayce Beckham - “Mamma” (Chayce Beckham) 7. Chayce Beckham - “Magic” (Coldplay) 8. Caleb Kennedy - “Mama Said” (Caleb Kennedy) 9. Casey Bishop - “Paradise” (Coldplay) 10. Hunter Metts - “The River” (Hunter Metts) 11. Grace Kinstler - “Fix You” (Coldplay) 12. Hunter Metts - “Everglow” (Coldplay) 13. Arthur Gunn - “Simple Man” (Lynyrd Skynyrd) 14. Arthur Gunn - “In My Place” (Coldplay) Overall: 1. Willie Spence 2. Casey Bishop* 3. Chayce Beckham 4. Caleb Kennedy 5. Grace Kinstler 6. Hunter Metts 7. Arthur Gunn *Oddly enough, Casey has Hunter to thank for her second place finish on my card. Going into "The River", she was one point behind Chayce on my card, but when it slotted in as being better than "Fix You" but worse than "Paradise", it necessitated me adjusting my score for "Paradise", giving her a one-point lead over Chayce.
  7. I think I'd have to go with Casey/Chayce/Willie, or maybe Casey/Chayce/Grace but I don't think Grace has really been choosing the best songs for her. It even showed tonight when Chris Martin had to talk her into going with the other of the two songs she was considering. ...Yeah, actually, I've got to go with Casey/Chayce/Willie. Willie's just too consistent, he might be the best pure vocalist although Casey's catching up. I still want Casey to win, but I wouldn't mind getting yet another WGWG if it was Chayce Beckham. He's my type of artist too.
  8. We're on the same page. Arthur leaving was the only "must" for me, and Caleb did better this week so even though Hunter might've had a slightly better portfolio over the course of the show, it wasn't by enough.
  9. i predicted that as well That wasn't a prediction; it was an opinion. And apparently one that America agreed with. Could not have been happier with the results reveal: the four that I absolutely wanted to stay were the first four revealed safe, and the one I decided on as my #5 got the fifth spot.
  10. Valenzano's "Plums Up" wine tonight, because why would I have anything other than wine on Mother's Day? Speaking of plums, Ryan's wearing an interesting purple suit and an even more interesting tie. We've also got Coldplay tonight, and Casey Bishop's leading off with "Paradise". Chris Martin is clearly a Casey fan, but I personally think this performance was a bit chaotic, not really in her wheelhouse. But that can't always be helped with single-artist theme nights. I give her a 70. Chayce Beckham is up second with "Magic", which is one I'm not familiar with, but it's pretty awesome. 82. Willie Spence is up third, singing one of Coldplay's first songs, "Yellow". He's a Coldplay fan and gets a selfie with Chris. And wow, what a comeback! I'm always hesitant to give out 100s this early in a show because I don't want to go beyond 100 and it's way too early to definitively call it the best of the night, but what else can I do? I can always adjust it down later if I need to. This was flawless. Luke says what all of us have been thinking for four years now, that we want more episodes of this. Up fourth is Caleb Kennedy doing a country reimagining of "Violet Hill". He says it was hard to pick a Coldplay song because he'd never listened to them before. He asks if this is a deep cut, and Chris says that it's actually the first Coldplay song ever. Interesting. The special effects team obviously didn't get the message that this is country; it's a very rock performance. ...Actually, they got the intended message just fine, because this is a kind of rock performance; I might charitably call it "country rock" but really it's just rock with a twang. Also...it's the best performance I've ever heard from him. 91. I'm shook. Apparently he even realizes that he's more of a songwriter than a singer. Tonight, he was a singer. Arthur Gunn is up fifth, and it sounds like he's picked a good one. ...Or maybe not. He's doing "In My Place", which is definitely not the song they were playing while introducing his segment. We're still in the session with Chris and already I'm ready to give him a low score. His actual performance is...better than what he was doing with Chris, but still not good. 33. Apparently he changed up a lot to make it his own, and told Chris as much. Luke liked this; Katy maybe not so much. Up sixth is Grace Kinstler, who was torn between "Hymn for the Weekend" and "Fix You"; she decided on the former. Do I recognize that song? I don't by the title, but maybe I do. Chris feels it isn't a great fit and asks her to try "Fix You", and he seems to think it's a better fit. So maybe we're hearing "Fix You" after all? Yep, we are. The crowd loves it. I find it...understated, at first. But it finds a groove and...it's not bad. 66. Lionel says that everyone's afraid to fail, but her flaws are her magic. Katy...I've already forgotten what Katy said because I was busy writing about Lionel and talking to my mom. The Top 5 will be mentored by...Finneas? I think that's how that's spelled? I vaguely feel like I've heard of him but it doesn't rate with me. Coldplay's debut album "Parachutes" was one of the first CDs Hunter Metts owned as a kid...along with the Chicken Little soundtrack. Okay, sure. He's doing "Everglow". It's...good right up until the point his voice cracks. Ouch. I really liked it overall but I've got to dock him for how all over the place his voice got. 64. Still, Hunter's been redeeming himself for me. We're just about to the halfway point, which means my sister just got off from work and is calling to wish Mom a happy Mother's Day. She accidentally hangs up, and I tell her that my sister's going to tease her about that. Anyway, Coldplay's performing now...that's not the Idol stage. That's a soundstage. Which explains why it sounds so different; we're basically watching a music video instead of a live performance. This is their new song, "Higher Power". We're still in commercial break but there's an ad for a new show on Nat Geo Network, "Breaking Bobby Bones". Don't we wish. We come back, and Ryan and Luke are sharing a chair and Luke sees that Ryan's job is hard. Casey Bishop is back, singing "Ironic" by Alanis Morrissette. Hey, remember what I said about being afraid to give out 100's early in the show? Looks like I had nothing to worry about. ...Except I often start giving out the rating before the song finishes, so it changed from "yeah, I can give out multiple 100s" to "yes, this is worth breaking the rating scale for." 103. We go to commercial after just one performance, but when we get back, Chayce's song for his mother is...an original?! Yes please. We return from commercial with Ryan trying to decide the pronunciation of "aunts", and then we get Chayce singing "Mama". ...I think Chayce has won the night. Even if he doesn't get the highest aggregate score, he's won the night, and possibly the show. I'll give this a 90, so he's certainly still in the running for winning the aggregate...by one point over Casey. We get Willie Spence singing Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful", and yeah Chayce isn't going to have the highest aggregate on my scorecard. 95. And we've got our second original of the round, "Mama Said" by Caleb Kennedy. We're two for two on great originals. 78. Luke calls him a "true anomaly", and also calls him 15 because all teenagers are 15 to Luke. But Lionel gets the point across, that he's really mature as a songwriter. We finally get Katy reminding us that she's a new mom (although Ryan did so at the start of the show). Arthur Gunn is up again with Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man". Well, at least he'll be back in his wheelhouse. It's...passable. 54. Lionel gives a critique straight out of the Randy Jackson phrasebook. Grace Kinstler's doing Adele's "When We Were Young". Haven't we already heard this song in the voting rounds of this season? Maybe not from her though, though I thought it was. Well, whatever, Grace redeemed herself. 98 seems about right, just so it can be clearly slotted. And we get a third original, "The River" by Hunter Metts. It's not written for his mother, but she specifically requested he sing it, so yeah, still a Mother's Day choice. It's not bad, but not great. I guess a...68, except that forces me to bump Casey up so I guess she beat Chayce after all. In no particular order, the first member of the Top 5 is Casey Bishop. Awesome. And second is Grace Kinstler, just to stick it to all the doomsayers here at IDF who thought that the two of them were doomed this week just for being female. Chayce Beckham is third, and Willie Spence fourth--America's good! And the fifth one is...Caleb Kennedy! All five of the people I voted for! I would've been fine with Hunter staying instead of Caleb, but Arthur leaving was a must for me and the first four they declared safe were the four I absolutely wanted to stay.
  11. I feel like Arthur and Hunter should go home. Wouldn't be disappointed if Caleb left instead of Hunter since this was the first time I've liked Caleb, but Arthur's non-negotiable.
  12. Well, it's not a song for Mom, but it's Mom's request, so Yeah, this sounds like a love song too.
  13. Haven't we already heard this song in the coting rounds this season? Or was it pre-voting? And was it from Grace, like I feel it was, or someone else?
  14. Definitely. His Coldplay song was by far his best performance of the show, and he did an original for the Mother's Day round which is always a good sign for him.
  15. Lionel with the critique straight out of the Randy Jackson Phrasebook.
  16. Even if he doesn't end up with the highest aggregate rating for me for the night, I feel like Chayce has just won the night. And possibly the entire show.
  17. Yeah, I agree that was a good comeback song. My thoughts after the first round: The girls were a bit off tonight; Caleb was the best he's ever been though Willie still won the round; Hunter was good until his voice cracked and then he let it get to him; Arthur Gunn absolutely has to go home.
  18. Not an all-male finale. Finales are Top 3 in the ABC era and Madison was third. I mean, technically the S14 finale started with a female not yet eliminated, but unlike S15 when the whole top three were allowed to sing their OWS before Dalton was announced as the third-place finisher, JAX wasn't allowed to sing anything. (Speaking of which, after having exactly six performances in each of the first 14 finales, we've had a different number of performances every year since the last such year--7 in S15, 9 in S16, 8 in S17, and 10 in S18. I'm looking forward to how they squeeze out 11 next time by having each of the Top 5 do 1 performance before announcing who the actual Top 3 are and making them each do two more.
  19. 1. Hunter Metts - "You'll Be in My Heart" (Phil Collins) 2. Arthur Gunn - "Remember Me" (from Coco) 3. Grace Kinstler - "Into the Unknown" (Idina Menzel feat. Aurora) 4. Alyssa Wray - "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (Ilene Woods) 5. Casey Bishop - "When She Loved Me" (Sarah McLachlan) 6. Chayce Beckham - "Baby Mine" (Betty Noyes) 7. Cassandra Coleman - "Go The Distance" (Michael Bolton) 8. DeShawn Goncalves - "When You Wish Upon a Star" (Cliff Edwards) 9. Willie Spence - "Circle of Life" (Elton John) 10. Caleb Kennedy - "Real Gone" (Sheryl Crow) That's hardly accurate though. Grace started slowly, but once she hit her stride, she was the best. And honestly, DeShawn might've been the best if they'd allowed him to cut his song 15 seconds shorter instead of having him sing a few awful extraneous choruses. Yes, the guy I had eighth. Oh, right... 11. John Baptiste
  20. There were actual decent country singers on this season! ...I think. Everyone else here hated Hannah who I liked, and Cecil was legitimately worse than Caleb, and Wyatt wasn't really country plus he withdrew so we can't blame the voters.
  21. Damnit, the voters had one job. Eight out of ten contestants I thought were amazing tonight, and one of the two who wasn't was Willie who's been amazing every night until now. As mad as I'd be if one of my favorites left, I'd take pretty much any combination of three contestants leaving gracefully as long as Caleb Kennedy was part of it!
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