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  1. I honestly feel like it wasn’t that close. Facebook is a good indicator on how voting happens. (Or how majority votes) CammWess had a bigger following.
  2. No way. Look at social media stats, The too 4 would’ve been Todd, Thunderstorm, Toneisha, and CammWess. Facebook is a good indicator on where things are...Micah wasn’t close
  3. The team quotas kinda saved Micah tho. I feel like the top 4 would’ve been Todd, Thunderstorm, CammWess, and Toneisha. Idky they’re trying to save him. Anyways, I’m looking forward to CammWess+John Legend duet the most next week
  4. CammWess had to play catch up to the others. They posted his video on YouTube late and they botched his name (putting Toneisha’s instead) on his Twitter video. I still think he got the most votes for Team Legend.
  5. My prediction for tomorrow’s result show based on this very moment Todd CammWess Megan ThunderStorm Fifth Spot goes to Toneisha. I feel like the easiest to call here was Thunderstorm. CammWess was pretty obvious too (even tho the person running The Voice Twitter sabotaged him on us following his Twitter stats. They posted his video with Toneisha’s @ attached to it and had it up for longer than 30min.)
  6. The Voice account sabotaged CammWess on Twitter
  7. That’s very unlikely. And judging by social media, Cam’s one of the most liked. On Facebook, he has the third most well received video with 11K likes and hearts. She’s gonna need to bring it!
  8. I honestly look at Facebook, because that’s usually where all the votes come from. That’s how I knew Kennedy Holmes was gonna lose her season
  9. Can someone explain the picks today? America chooses one (Todd, CammWess, Thunderstorm, Meghan) Coaches choose one (Toneisha, Zan, Allegra, Micah) Where does the ninth come from? And yes, those are my predictions.
  10. Compare CammWess’s likes to theirs....so what does this mean? The ppl that usually like their performances weren’t too fond of it
  11. Check everywhere. He’s literally 2nd or 3rd in most popular of ALL of the contestants rn. Social Media is the only thing we’re judging by, especially in this time rn. I’ve said it before lives and I’ll say it again: CammWess is John’s only shot for the finale (and possibly win).
  12. CammWess is a sleeper. I didn’t expect for him to have such a following. Someone asked me an hour before the episode who I thought was the underdog and I named Camm. I remember saying it on here not too long ago that I believed that John’s best route to win is CammWess, and I stand by that.
  13. Honestly it just depends. Zan or CammWess is John’s best bet. I can see producers pushing a John/CammWess duo performance for the finale. You like him or not but John would sound great with CammWess. They need to sing one of John’s songs and just turn it upside down.
  14. I need CammWess to make the finale only because I want him to hear him and John sing one of John’s songs SO BAD!!! And because he’s prob John’s best bet at a finalist. Him and probably Zan but social media is buzzing over CammWess rn.
  15. I’ve been checking social media. Twitter and IG seem split/undecided but most are praising both. Facebook are for the most part favoring CammWess over Megan. I’m sorta shocked by FB. They usually go for the young or 20-30 Caucasian females (if not for Country)
  16. Do we think CammWess is in John’s Top 3 after this performance? Or how does this live work this year (if we didn’t have the virus)?
  17. CammWess is my pick. I understand why Kelly went with Meghan, but CammWess was the winner. It was definitely neck and neck, but he edged her out a bit. I didn’t think John had a shot in the lives, but he might have something with CammWess on his team.
  18. Reading that CammWess got a standing ovation, John and Nick are pretty hard on pressing their buttons for people. He must’ve really done something (Not surprised tho. I think we can all agree he was snubbed in that Senorita performance)
  19. They cut the CammWess and Mandi performance on Hulu too. Why did they show the full thing on TV but cut it when posting online? I’m confused, because that was one of the better performances IMO (I said MY OPINION ) of the night.
  20. They really did bus those girls tho (Kat and Hello Sunday). I feel so bad for them. Kat and MB should’ve teamed up. I feel like Rose and HS would’ve been more fair. I don’t understand why Voice would do Rose and Katie when they know they’re gonna get all the votes. Try and make it “even” or at least look like that, ya know? I think for me, it depends on the songs tonight. That’s how my vote goes. But if it’s down to let’s just say Ricky, Kat, and Hello Sunday, I’ll only give my vote to the girls, because they’re technically the underdogs in that situation. HS impressed me more than Kat yesterday but I’m keeping an open mind tonight. Kat better not sing no boring song
  21. Anybody got any idea who the B2, M3, PV3 will be? My Prediction (based on ITunes, YouTube views & likes, and Social Media) B2: 8. Will 7. Marybeth M3 6. Hello Sunday 5. Kat 4. Ricky PV3 3. Katie 2. Rose 1. Jake Who I think wins M3? Ricky.....but it could be any combination of top 4 there...so I guess any of them wins it. However, this season has been wildly unpredictable, so I personally hope the finale isn’t the predictable F4. Put some in like Hello Sunday so we can see some meltdowns. :D
  22. Just seen Kat’s IG post. Yeah, so she may have MB as a duet partner. So that prediction I made about Jake & HS might not be untrue. Hmm....
  23. They really doing Kat & HS.....so they’re being THAT obvious about not wanting them in the finale. Chile.....
  24. LOL I wouldn’t mind it but yeah Ricky wins at the point right? All the country fans stay with Blake and just vote Ricky
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