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  1. Country mafia votes for country singers and Team Blake contestants. Therefore he is included in the vote split
  2. Did Blake just say "let's hear you sing tomorrow night"? lol
  3. UGH I hate the show so much I only watch to support the deserving artists who always go home 12th-5th
  4. Tamara started rough and honestly sold it out of the park by the end imo
  5. I think because he has the most popularity on social media. I think its between Jim, Ian, and Carter
  6. Pretty sure Tamara is next bc Carson said "after the break Bailey Rae, Tamara, and Ian" and he normally says it in order
  7. The producers just love Country singers and white men on Blakes team huh
  8. Hamza man...you really need to look at your biases. Thats a whole lot of generalizations
  9. It is important to note that these "frontrunners" have only been not winning recently: Matt (S7) [his KO was montaged though..] Sawyer (S8) - winner Jordan (S9) - winner Alisan (S10) - winner Billy/Ali? (S11) Chris (S12) - winner Chloe/Brooke? (S13) - winner, third place Brynn/Britton (S14) - winner, second place Kennedy (S15) [battle was montaged] Maelyn (S16) - winner Katie (S17) Thunderstorm (S18)
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