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  1. Ian need to sing You are My Sunshine with that voice!
  2. Sid. Update more on social media. You got international fan. Love from Malaysia
  3. My gosh. I voted for them like thousand times. I used my parents and siblings accounts. It's not enough wtf americans
  4. Mia need to go Solo. MIA i hope you read this. Audition for S21
  5. My top3 all out wtf blake shelton. I've been BS bias since s3 i think i have to change to team NJ bye S19
  6. Can mia go to audition for s20? she have to try going solo
  7. No matter what happens. Coach save is reserved for WTW, unless they get PV, it is between Jim/Ian or maybe Sid. Expectation: PV: Sid CS: WTW WC: Taryn Reality: PV: Jim CS: WTW WC: Taryn
  8. PV : Tanner CS: Desz If Desz get PV, Kelly definitely save tanner.
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