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  1. I think the contestant you are talking about will get paired with the duo, and her coach will side with them since they are OG Team Kelly (spoiler). But with Kelly you never know. I have to admit, when I found out a 13-year old was Team Ari, I was like “winner alert”. But her covers left me unimpressed and she was stolen, so yeah… I’m not counting her out yet tho
  2. I would say they will all lose their KOs, with 1-2 getting stolen. I previously thought they would be a threat, but after watching more covers from them and the other group (TCS) GNT being eliminated without a steal wouldn’t be a surprise.
  3. Random as hell but it’s a really fun performance. His battle with Troy is still my favorite battle ever (it would have made more if they had shown that one instead of this one imo)
  4. Over You was great, but being as iconic as it was had nothing to do with the quality of the performance. It was the song choice and what it means to Blake, his reactions…
  5. Who do you have in mind? You get these right most of the time so I could potentially change my prediction
  6. If I had to bet on it rn I would say Ari is the one who places 4th, with Kelly taking the W. Excited to see how hard we flop this season
  7. No evidence to back it up, but I still think Holly might be it. Either her or one of the groups. Don’t see Gymani or Jeremy making it past bloodbath.
  8. If I had to guess who wasn’t a fan of Kacey here, you would have been the last person I would have guessed
  9. India. Wasn’t a big of fan of her run but her blind is a 10/10.
  10. I think the producers will make sure they are in the last taping so that doesn’t happen.
  11. I don’t think I have ever seen someone throwing shade to Alisan, Tess and Maelyn all at once
  12. I am If either one of them is a decent live singer and can keep a level of consistency, I will give them the edge over Wendy, regardless of how well she does. I don’t think they will win though (or anyone from Team Blake really)
  13. Confident about one (Wendy), not sure about the other (Raquel)
  14. I didn’t remember Wintersong at all (Voice finales are so forgettable so it makes sense ) , so I rewatched it and dang, can’t deny how good that was.
  15. On paper I can’t see anyone from Ari’s team making it far with the Voice audience in mind, but hoping for some surprises.
  16. I’m interested to see if the battle saves are proven to be as useless as on S17. Idk why they got rid of the two battle steals in the first place.
  17. I may be talking out of my a** here but I think it would be much better if only the people actually involved in gathering spoilers had the info before @Someone648 releases the whole thing, and if other users find info from other sources by themselves, they should keep it to themselves and not discuss it in a group.
  18. Can someone explain me what’s the point of the group exactly? I knew it existed but I’m still not sure if it’s the group involved in the spoilers process or something else.
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