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  1. On paper I can’t see anyone from Ari’s team making it far with the Voice audience in mind, but hoping for some surprises.
  2. I’m interested to see if the battle saves are proven to be as useless as on S17. Idk why they got rid of the two battle steals in the first place.
  3. I may be talking out of my a** here but I think it would be much better if only the people actually involved in gathering spoilers had the info before @Someone648 releases the whole thing, and if other users find info from other sources by themselves, they should keep it to themselves and not discuss it in a group.
  4. Can someone explain me what’s the point of the group exactly? I knew it existed but I’m still not sure if it’s the group involved in the spoilers process or something else.
  5. An oldie, but Adam not turning for Trevin is an iconic moment (for all the wrong reasons).
  6. Misty was phenomenal, but everything else… If he really was the best vocalist from that season he didn’t show it on The Voice. I will say that his song choices (except Misty) were trash, maybe that played a big part.
  7. Probably too soon to tell but this might be John’s frontrunner. He’s a guy, a good vocalist, sob story and he will probably be surrounded by teammates who have no chance in hell to win any votes with the core audience.
  8. I don't know how good he is (haven't checked his covers yet) but I'm hoping he does well on the show. Like last season (I think it was with Jose), some users here just decide who is king/queen and who is a flop, without even watching a single second of the show.
  9. Watched some of her covers and I can already picture Hailey being quite polarizing. Doesn’t strike me as someone who would make lives but seems like there are no rockers (at least not that we know of) so that might help her chances.
  10. I think I said this before, but if Blake keeps getting contestants like Cam or Wendy, he can win every season until the show gets cancelled and I wouldn’t mind. Ari’s win can wait if it means someone as good as Wendy is getting the crown.
  11. I feel like it’s always “a friend of a cousin” when people make up fake spoilers
  12. While I disagree, it’s nice to finally hear an actual unpopular opinion about Myracle
  13. 100%. I still like HOTRS slightly better, but What’s Up is what put her on the radar.
  14. If I had to narrow it down to a Top 3 it would be Amanda, Kim and Jacquie for me.
  15. IIRC coaches usually sign a contract to be on two seasons. Ari being only on S21 would be the exception rather than the norm. Can’t see her becoming a regular tho.
  16. If this is true, what a terrible mistake on her part. She should have known what was coming next if her daughter got saved without singing. And good thing this show’s audience moves on quickly, because it could have been way worse.
  17. So pretty, I wish she would have done something like this on the show but I’m glad we got it anyways
  18. I’m expecting some meltdowns on TK, people here seem to get specially attached to 4-chair turns and Kelly isn’t afraid to drop them.
  19. It got cancelled iirc, without any show. I think the only thing related to it we got was that performance of It’s Time.
  20. Just a hunch, but I’m expecting at least one duo/trio to do well. Not necessarily winning, but making it decently far (Swons, Hello Sunday…)
  21. I didn't really analyze this stuff when S12 was on, so I don't know for sure, but looking back I think Aliyah would have been PV either way. They gave her a God song + the pimp spot, she had a breakout moment the week before, and Brennley had to compete with Lauren.
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