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  1. This happened to me once. I remember Dylan Hartigan (S14) being my pre-season fave (he had a lot of fans back then iirc), and when the show was on I kept trying to enjoy his performances when in reality I wasn’t into them at all But as of today, if there was a Dylan 2.0, I wouldn’t stress over it. The actual show only shows about 10% of what these artists can do, so if I was a fan before the show, chances are I will also be a fan after, even if I didn’t enjoy their Voice run. PS: I had forgotten about Dylan until now, so I decided to see what he was up to, and I enjoyed his new material which kinda proves my point?
  2. No one in their right mind would say he has bad taste if this is true
  3. If it’s based on their blinds: 1. Samuel 2. Jim & Sasha (this one has grown on me a lot) 3. Jeremy 4. Peedy 5. David 6. Joshua 7. Paris Like @Misirlou said, I unexpectedly enjoyed everyone here.
  4. 1. Wendy 2. GNT 3. Samuel 4. Gymani 5. Bella HM: Samara and Jeremy
  5. Bella Denapoli - Damaged - 9 David Vogel - breathin - 8 Janora Brown - Angel of Mine - 6 Kaitlyn Velez - Please Don't Go - 6 The Cunningham Sisters - Never Alone - 6
  6. Fantastic 1. Bella - A breath of fresh air. 10/10 song choice, great vocals, cool arrangement... If I liked her tone more it might have been my favorite audition. Pretty good 2. David - Nothing mindblowing here but I thought he did a great job! The criticism on SM makes no sense. (gap) Meh 3. Kaitlyn - This wasn't good by any means but her tone was interesting enough for me to put her above the other two. 4. TCS - The potential is there but I didn't care for this. 5. Janora - I liked the beginning but everything else was really weak.
  7. I think she can win the show, but I don’t think she will. She could have a great shot if both Kelly and Ari’s TCOs flop though.
  8. None of the original Ari members who are in the lives are getting pimped, so my guess is that they want to make things easier for Holly.
  9. Raquel Trinidad - I Wish - 7.5 The Joy Reunion - Boondocks - 7.25 Hailey Mia - you broke me first - 7.5 Jeremy Rosado - Here Comes Goodbye - 8.75 Carson Peters - Tulsa Time - 6 Keliah Grace - Never Tear Us Apart - 6 Samara Brown - Sweet Thing - 8.75 Holly Forbes - Rocket Man - 8.25
  10. Very nice surprises! 1. Samara - The Browns really lucked out with the genes, huh? 2. Jeremy - I very rarely place singers like him this high, but what can I say? He killed it. Undeniably solid but… 3. Holly - Loved the beginning (tone ), but then she lost me a bit. I guess I expected a different approach? Either way, I think my expectations were too high on this one. Decent enough 4. Raquel - She’s one of my pre-season faves, but I can’t help but feel disappointed due to the song choice. That said, I love her tone and style. 5. Hailey - I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Her young age definitely showed at some instances but overall a very promising start. 6. TJR - Fun performance. Not much else to say here. Meh 7a. Carson - There were some good parts but this was probably my least favorite country audition so far (for reasons that users above have already covered) 7b. Keilah - I really wanted to like her but I couldn’t get past the tone.
  11. B-/C+ This week had probably my two favorite blinds since Maelyn’s, and a few other good ones, but overall, a pretty forgettable start.
  12. I expected way worse, considering it’s a WatchMojo list.
  13. I really thought Samuel being hyped pre-show as John’s frontrunner was IDF being delusional Oops
  14. Just a theory, but I would argue there were some nerves in the beginning (the weakest part of the performance imo). Once he got the first chair turn, he was much better, probably due to him being more relaxed.
  15. This guy is definitely Minivan bait btw. Could have possibly wiped the floor with most of the cast had he made lives.
  16. Hmmm… the fact that they are three different people means they have less time to have each member’s personality fleshed out, making it less likely for the audience to connect with them. I know their SM numbers are good, but until the lives start I wouldn’t read too much into them.
  17. GNT probably will have the advantage of being their coach’s favorite. But I’m still not confident about “folksy” groups doing well with the audience in the long run.
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