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  1. 1. Wendy 2. GNT 3. Samuel 4. Gymani 5. Bella 6. LiBianca 7. Jim & Sasha 8. Aaron 9. Samara 10. Jeremy
  2. No one created the thread last night, so here you go.
  3. This is clearly not the IDF I know and love
  4. There’s no way Adele’s new song doesn’t get covered in the lives. Question is: who is going to be the lucky (or unlucky) one?
  5. Good luck trying to top this 1. Wendy 2. GNT Great 3. Gymani 4. Aaron Solid 5. Holly 6. Brittany Meh 7. Carson The auditions in general have been slightly below average but the 4-chair turns have not disappointed.
  6. 1. Payge (She's just so cool, and that tone ) 2. Joana (Not my personal #1 but I would argue it's the best one Which is crazy because she is so young) 3. Franc (I'll admit, I didn't remember this performance at all until I decided to check out every cover of the song after Brittany's was leaked. It's good though) 4. Brittany
  7. Ryleigh Plank - Anyone - 7.25 Jershika Maple - Can You Stand the Rain - 7.75 Manny Keith - Break My Heart - 7.25 KJ Jennings - Put Your Records On - 7.5 LiBianca - Good Days - 8.75 Sophia Bromberg - Heather - 3 Wyatt Michael - Mack the Knife - 7.75 Brittany Bree - Call Out My Name - 8
  8. On X Factor there are these really, really bad auditions, which are supposed to be bad. It’s done in a comedic way (seeing the judges holding back their laughter, Simon Cowell tearing apart the contestants) and the contestants are obviously a joke so that makes it ok to laugh or mock them (most of the time) On The Voice everyone who makes the blind auditions is supposed to be good. They have either made it through auditions or been invited, but they are all talented and want to do their best. So when someone is really bad, it’s isn’t the intended outcome, and we are expected to feel bad for them, not mock them, which is what’s happening with Sophia.
  9. Queen 1. LiBianca - So cool. Beautiful tone, I loved her choices and everything felt very fresh. Plus she’s 100% radio-ready. If only the audience wasn’t so loud… Solid 2. Brittany - I liked this better after watching it again, and while I’m still not crazy for it, it’s undeniably the best performance of the night. 3. Jershika - Saying she ended on a high note is an understatement. Easily one of the best voices this season, but I’m hoping for a different song choice next time. 4. Wyatt - This took some time to get going but when it finally did, it was really great. 5. KJ - She succeeded in making the song more interesting by adding some range, and it got better as the performance went on. However, I don’t think this showed how good she is. 6. Manny - It was pleasant and he worked the stage, but I kept wanting more. 7. Ryleigh - A good cover of a song that I find very boring, which is why I can’t put it higher (there were also some iffy moments towards the end) ??? 8. Sophia - The Voice usually makes sure that the contestants who turn a chair sound at the very least decent, so the fact they gave this a green light without using some “magic” to fix the really bad moments confuses the hell out of me. I’m sure they could have made this listenable. Anyways, nothing justifies the hate she’s been getting so I’m really hoping she kills it next round.
  10. Add me please! She did not disappoint.
  11. I'm so used to the overwhelming noise that Kelly makes that when she leaves The Voice (if she does eventually), the show would become so awkwardly quiet for me I agree that she needs to tone it down a notch though.
  12. Wow, I definitely have to give it a listen then.
  13. It's a good fit but the song doesn't really go anywhere. She can only rely on tone to make it appealing (unless she flips it)
  14. Interested to see KJ in action. On paper she isn’t someone who John would drop that early, so I wonder what happened.
  15. I haven’t watched the whole video but I loved Thinking of Loving Me. That head voice
  16. One of my favorite moments as a Voice fan was watching Lauren's original for the first time. I wasn't that big on her compared to the rest of IDF, but Deja Vu hit me HARD. Some other good ones: - Kimberly Nichole - What's Up - Katie Basden - Gypsy - Amber - Sad - Alisan - Let Him Fly - Matthew Schuler - Wrecking Ball (that bridge...) and Hallelujah - James, Madi and Addison's covers of A Case Of You. - Jordan Smith - Mary Did You Know (I'm not religious but he still managed to get me) - Sarah Simmons - One of Us (duh) - Thunderstorm - Home - Rose - I Want to Know What Love Is - Christina Grimmie - I Won't Give Up
  17. Might be my least favorite cover of that song on The Voice, unfortunately. Not a big fan of her tone, and while vocally I don’t have any complaints, I was underwhelmed throughout (similar to how some users felt about Katie Rae’s blind)
  18. There it is Personally, I’m fine with groups auditioning. They don’t affect the season’s course because 95% of them leave early (I would argue they have more disadvantages that advantages, specially in the live shows), and sometimes we get some great performances out of them. The only two groups that have made it far (The Swons and Hello Sunday) were basically carried by one member, so they felt very similar to a solo act imo.
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