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  1. 1. Thunderstorm 2. Khalea 3. Mendeleyev 4. Katie 5. Ricky 6. Joanna the rest
  2. Honestly, I don’t have a preference for any gender, but I usually root for females because they are better most of the time. Jordan, Will, Chris Jamison, Matthew and Thunderstorm were my favorites during their respective seasons, but more often than not the male talent is non existent and I personally can’t root for people who don’t have talent. Although I agree there is some bias for female talent over male talent on IDF.
  3. It hurts to say this because she is on my Top 3 favorite contenstants ever, but Maelyn is very overrated on this forum. Fallingwater wasn’t a great performance (her competition was nonexistent so she still stood out as one of the best performances). And I say this mostly because the level of fanatism over her is too much here. I actually think Alisan had a better run, with more varied song choices, but she isn’t nearly as overrated as Maelyn. I still love Maelyn, but no one deserves the “Perfect Godess” status she recieves.
  4. I voted for Amber, but objectively the most robbed is Kristen. That IS was rigged for Christina (even if I liked Christina way more than Kristen)
  5. I still can’t believe they turned for that.
  6. Very tough matchups. The only seemingly easy matchup for me was Katie vs Danielle (Katie >>> Danielle IMO) but Please Remember Me is my favorite performance of Danielle by far so it ended up being very close. PS: I have feeling that my favorite performance of this bracket is going to be eliminated in an upset.
  7. The best performer to ever be on the show is Kimberly Nichole, no debate. Troy Ritchie was awesome as well (so robbed)
  8. Erin Martin, the Queen of Queens, Maelyn could never
  9. Agreed with Domenic. I thought he was a finale lock when I saw his blind.
  10. Amy Vachal seemed like a Top 3 contender and she ended up in the bottom, so she is an obvious contender for most shocking elimination. Holly Tucker being voted through over Sarah and Judith was also a big upset.
  11. So by that logic, Hoot was the deserving winner of S17 because he outperformed his opponents in the charts / sales / streams (IIRC). And I don’t think anyone in IDF was particularly happy about that result.
  12. Kennedy on S15 finale night. She absolutely obliterated her opponents. Also Maelyn and Thunderstorm during their whole seasons.
  13. As a big fan of Lauren (I like her way better than Chris), I don’t think she was robbed, at all. Chris just simply had more appeal for the viewers when it came to his performance skills, and that’s why I think he won (and the pimping he recieved obviously, that’s undeniable). He wasn’t a bad singer either, even if I usually didn’t like his vocal choices. He was very consistent and he had his best performance at the finale with Rhythm Nation, and even if I prefered Deja Vu, I can see why people would vote Chris after that. It surely was an upset, and not the outcome I personally wanted, but to say he robbed Lauren is a big stretch IMO. An example of a big robbery in the finale would be Kennedy placing 4th, because she outperformed every single one of her opponents and she still didn’t win. Lauren didn’t outperform Chris, they were totally different performers and they both deserved the win.
  14. Completely forgot about this one. It might the smartest song choice ever (even if I think the performance itself is a bit overrated )
  15. I think some people are overestimating Toneisha’s voting power. Personally I don’t think she would have made finale in previous seasons.
  16. Most of these matchups are brutal, but choosing between Juliet and Josh is impossible.
  17. Agreed. #unpop but I don’t think she was very impressive. She had range for days but she didn’t use it properly IMO (she oversang every song she was given). I think she stood out because the competition in her season was really bad (she could at least sing, and that was more than what most of the T8 from that season could do, I’ll give her that.)
  18. I should have clarified that I don’t consider pandering as an example of great song choices, even if they are usually the most clever and effective choices when it comes to giving someone the votes (see Todd and Craig, the kings of pandering).
  19. Not the same as best performances. Basically song choices that weren’t predictable or overused at the time of the performance and meant a moment for the contestant who sang it. For me: Amber Carrington - Sad Tessanne Chin - Underneath It All Christina Grimmie - Hold On, We’re Going Home Matt McAndrew - The Blower’s Daughter Koryn Hawthorne - Make It Rain Amy Vachal - Hotline Bling Kennedy Holmes - Confident Rose Short - God’s Country
  20. S4: Winner: Amber Carrington 2nd: Michelle Chamuel 3rd: Sarah Simmons S5: Winner: Tessanne Chin 2nd: Matthew Schuler (He was my favorite in S5 but Tess was objectively better) 3rd: Will Champlin / Jacquie Lee S6: Winner: Josh Kaufman 2nd: Christina Grimmie 3rd: Sisaundra Lewis S7: Winner: Chris Jamison 2nd: Matt McAndrew 3rd: Taylor Phelan 4th: DaNica Shirey S8: Winner: Kimberly Nichole 2nd: Koryn Hawthorne 3rd: Mia Z 4th: Sawyer Fredericks S9: Winner: Jordan Smith 2nd: Jeffery Austin 3rd: Amy Vachal 4th: Madi Davis S10: Winner: Alisan Porter 2nd: Hannah Huston 3rd: Emily Keener 4th: Bryan Bautista S11: Winner: Ali Caldwell I don’t care about the rest. S12: Winner: Vanessa Ferguson 2nd: Lauren Duski 3rd: Hunter Plake 4th: Chris Blue S13: Winner: Addison Agen 2nd: Keisha Renee 3rd: Chloe Kohanski 4th: Brooke Simpson S14: Winner: Kyla Jade 2nd: Britton Buchanan The others didn’t deserve to make finale. S15: Winner: Kennedy Holmes 2nd: Makenzie Thomas 3rd: Kymberli Joye Same as S14. S16: Winner: Maelyn Jarmon 2nd: Domenic Haynes 3rd: Shawn Sounds S17: Winner: Rose Short 2nd: Katie Kadan 3rd: Ricky Duran 4th: Myracle Holloway S18: Winner: Thunderstorm Artis 2nd: Zan Fiskum 3rd: Toneisha Harris 4th: Todd Tilghman 5th: Allegra Miles
  21. Amanda Brown - Dream On Jacquie Lee - I Put A Spell On You Matthew Schuler - Wrecking Ball Josh Kaufman - Stay With Me Kimberly Nichole - What’s Up Mia Z - Ain’t No Sunshine Jordan Smith - Halo Alisan Porter - Cry Baby Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World Thunderstorm Artis - Summertime
  22. Voted. Really stacked bracket, but for the most part I didn’t have problems choosing the winners. Sad that I had to vote against Cry Me A River, Stay and Danny’s Song (even if I disliked the Swons), they were amazing performances. Also, as much as I can appreciate how good of a vocal Ain’t No Way was, I just can’t stand Sasha’s vibrato (IMO her best performance is her audition). India Carney had the same problem for me.
  23. Adam: Tessanne followed by Jordan. Blake: Kyla easily. I also love Chloe. CeeLo: Juliet Simms, and Caroline Pennell as a close second. Xtina: Alisan Porter / Kimberly Nichole followed by Matthew Schuler. Shakira: Honestly none. I guess I enjoyed Kristen Merlin. Usher: Tie between Michelle Chamuel and Josh Kaufman Gwen: Rose Short, but I also love Jeffery Austin. Pharrell: I love Koryn, Mia Z and Hannah Huston equally. Miley: Brooke Simpson (I love Ali but her song choices were horrible) Alicia: Vanessa Ferguson by a country mile. Jennifer: Kennedy Holmes and Makenzie Thomas. Kelly: None (I think Kymberli is very overrated outside of Break Every Chain ) John: Maelyn easily. Nick: Thunderstorm Artis.
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