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  1. She’s winner material. Just make sure no wild Sawyer or Jordan appear
  2. Peedy, Wendy and GNT are going to be around but I don’t think they will be serious contenders for the win. It’s between Holly and Hailey imo. Watch this age terribly
  3. I just want songs that put her tone in the spotlight. Country/Americana seem to do that, so I’m really hoping she gets to do it at some point. She sounded beautiful here, don’t get me wrong, but some parts felt a bit karaoke-ish. I kept missing something which might be due to the song.
  4. Wendy only showed up in the last 10 seconds and that was enough to seal the deal. It looked like she wasn’t even trying until that moment. What a monster
  5. Bella would have a good shot, honestly. A big note at the right moment is all she would need.
  6. Team Blake: Paris Team Legend: Not sure but I’m going to say David
  7. Hailey Green vs Lana Scott - GIRL - 8 Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mugol - Dilemma - 6.5 Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown - Giving Him Something He Can Feel - 8.5
  8. He is powerful, but there are contestants that are so helpless with this audience that not even Blake can save them (p.e Jessie and Cali) LiBianca is very current, and much more alternative than what the audience is used to. Easy first week casualty, as much as I hate to say it. Lana would have a hard time as well, but I don’t think she would be as doomed as LiBianca.
  9. I will be surprised if LiBianca survives a week (if she actually gets the save)
  10. Really good 1. Brittany vs Samara - Both killed it, as simple as that. Solid 2. Hailey vs Lana - It’s such a strange pairing lol, and Girl is definitely not the first song I would have given them. Impressive how they managed to make it work. Awful song choice 3. Katherine vs Vaughn - Most unfair battle of all time? Vaughn lost this the moment they gave him this song. They were both surprisingly decent but Dilemma isn’t a good choice for a singing competition, let alone for these two.
  11. Iconic. Anyways, Peedy is the only one I would call a PV lock. Charisma and stage presence will keep him safe if vocals falter.
  12. Samara’s voice is very clear and Brittany’s has some roughness to it. IDF gravitates more towards clarity in powerhouses. If you think about it, the powerhouses who had no detractors here were the ones whose voices were crystal clear (Keisha, Rose and now Wendy)
  13. Ari’s 2nd PV will probably be whoever has the best performance out of Bella, Ryleigh and Jim & Sasha (I think we underestimate how important the actual performance is) I will give the edge to the duo just because they have a lane to their own while the others are fighting for the same voters. And Raquel… About 90% sure they are going to give her something uptempo. She could always get the coach save, but I doubt it.
  14. I thought I was the only one who noticed. Her high notes sound exactly like Amanda’s (I don’t think I would be able to distinguish between the two)
  15. Another good battle. I think I might have liked Brittany better here than in her blind?? This song fits her voice better imo. Either way, Samara won that for me (it was extremely close though)
  16. As a whole it was the strongest episode so far.
  17. Bella DeNapoli vs Katie Rae - No More Tears - 9 KJ Jennings vs Samuel Harness - I Know What You Did Last Summer - 7.75 Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose - Seven Bridges Road - 9 The Joy Reunion vs Peedy Chavis - Joy to the World - 6 Chavon Rodgers vs David Vogel- Sugar We're Goin Down - 7 Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple - Hold On - 9
  18. Slay 1. GNT vs Kinsey - Can’t really think of a better country battle than this one. Perfectly done, from beginning to end. 2. Katie vs Bella - This came out of nowhere. A very bold song choice, which could have very easily been a trainwreck, but DAMN, they really did it. 3. Jeremy vs Jershika (tie) - Kelly proving us wrong for the 100th time when we question her battle song choices. Another great performance. Decent 4. Samuel vs KJ - Everything here was solid, but the song clearly didn’t allow them to showcase what they can really do (it sucks for KJ, because the same thing happened with her blind) 5. David vs Chavon - I feel like this song might have been too much of a challenge for them. They did a serviceable job, but like many users have already pointed out, it lacked the edge. Zzz 6. Peedy vs TJR - Not a bad performance but it’s a one and done kind of thing.
  19. Forgot to congratulate them for their amazing battle! Glad they can slay uptempo songs as well (it will come in handy if this is a longer season)
  20. Based on their blinds, it seems like a solid Top 20. Everyone here was at the very least decent. 1. Wendy 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Gymani 4. Samuel 5. Bella 6. LiBianca 7. Jim & Sasha 8. Jeremy 9. Holly 10. Raquel 11. Brittany 12. Jershika 13. David 14. Shadale 15. Hailey 16. Peedy 17. Joshua 18. Paris 19. Lana 20. Ryleigh (10-17 are interchangeable)
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