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  1. The comeback could actually be a good thing if they choose the right people, but I don’t think the risk is worth it (I still have PTSD from S10 lol)
  2. Adam and Kelly pushed their button for her, she wasn't going anywhere.
  3. I mean, if he is on pitch he has it in the bag. But I have a feeling he won’t be very good live.
  4. Idk if it will be a comeback or something else, but I’m pretty confident we are getting some sort of twist. The Voice loves to implement stupid mechanics and with the 4-way KO gone they have to do something make up for it. The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is why the only one who mentioned it was Ari.
  5. Wow 1. Paris vs Jonathan - Didn't expect this one to be this good. They sounded great together. Decent 2. TCS vs Parker - Not sure if I buy this arrangement but there some really beautiful moments here. Extremely even. 3. Ryleigh vs KCK3 - Good battle, just happened to be my least favorite of the night. Ryleigh's entrance was my favorite part, and enough to put her above the trio.
  6. KCK3 vs Ryleigh Plank - Come on Over - 7.5 Parker McKay vs The Cunningham Sisters - It's My Party - 7.75 Jonathan Mouton vs Paris Winningham - Here and Now - 9
  7. Finally watched the battle. It was fine. I wanted to hear more of Ryleigh (the trio sang like 90% of the song lol) but she definitely won that (didn’t love some of her choices though)
  8. Did they even mention Cam’s record deal on the show? Let me put my tin foil hat on: I think the viewers look for something to empathize with the contestant, or at least something that makes them root for them (usually in the shape of sob stories). If your backstory is “I had success in the industry”, not only the average viewer won’t identify with you, you might also come across as braggy (specially if they shove it down the audience’s throats) And likeabilty is key factor imo.
  9. Actually it seems like it was the first battle of the first taping (if the order is correct)
  10. Joshua Vacanti vs Keliah Grace - good 4 u - 5.25 Carson Peters vs Clint Sherman - Don't Let Our Love Start Slipping Away - 6 Hailey Mia vs Raquel Trinidad - Car Wash - 7.25 Aaron Hines vs Gymani - working - 7.5 Jack Rogan vs Sabrina Dias - cardigan - 8.5 Manny Keith vs Wendy Moten - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - 8.75
  11. Great job! 1. Wendy vs Manny - Zero chemistry between them but sonically it's a phenomenal battle. 2. Sabrina vs Jack - The surprise of the night. Lowkey pissed they montaged Sabrina's blind, she was so good here. Forgettable 3. Gymani vs Aaron - While I enjoyed this from beginning to end, I wasn't in love with it. Gymani continues to surprise me though. 4. Raquel vs Hailey - It might not be the ideal song choice, but I think they could have done more with it. Raquel clearly won this (love her tone), and I'm not sure I would have stolen Hailey (tbf the song choice didn't do her any favors) 5. Carson vs Clint - Not bad but I have no desire to come back to it, sorry. Hot mess 6. Joshua vs Keilah - What a disaster, lmao.
  12. Cramming 20 performances into a 2 hour episode is already bad enough… so please let the comebacks rest in peace. The POs Instant Save is fine I guess .
  13. Oops I misread you. Again, too lazy to check, but I would be surprised if this isn’t the first time it has happened. And yeah, feedback would make things much easier (last season we basically knew the KO montage before the season even started lmao)
  14. The only one I remember making the KOs without being montaged was Jamella back in S14 (there might be others, not sure) The other two were Rebekah and Katherine, who got the triple montage. As for your question, I’m only ruling out Sabrina. Maybe Xavier? Edit: Forgot Anna (S13), Andrea (S12) and Belle (S11), there might be even more but I’m too lazy to check.
  15. I personally fail to see the logic but let’s hope you and @TheVoiceFan2 are right
  16. The Voice has the opportunity to do the most f***ed up thing I have ever seen in a singing competion, triple-montaging a Make-A-Wish kid
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