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  1. perhaps New York-ians snappedt this season...??
  2. surprised carson didn't call josh for todd's zoom thing
  3. I think third - though the speculation of not acknowledging Nick/Tstorm's accomplishment of placing 2nd bc maybe he didn't makes sense, I think they probably just ran out of time when Blake had that mic problem
  4. you're implying Candice/Maddie's seasons were "female stacked" when both had a 5M/5F split and Sam's season had a 9M/11F split...so which is it
  5. Kelly Clarkson Ruben Studdard Fantasia Barrino Carrie Underwood Taylor Hicks Jordin Sparks David Cook Kris Allen Lee DeWyze Scotty McCreery Phillip Phillips Candice Glover Caleb Johnson Nick Fradiani Trent Harmon Maddie Poppe (ABC) Laine Hardy (ABC) Just Sam (ABC) actually it was a female stacked season but sam persisted...also, idk where you're getting your "12 years" from lol
  6. the way they're just kicking them off the chat like The Circle lmaoooo
  7. word through the grapevine is that some of his "kids" are paid actors
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