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  1. where'd all the "gwen's redeeming herself as a coach" stans go?
  2. blake reminding his base that braddy killed their country guy...lol
  3. i got excited about the fake songlist for a second, because i suggested unaware to ricky lolol
  4. this is the only team that i NEED the results to go perfectly :ermm:
  5. i want hello sunday to stick around just a wee bit longer
  6. i NEED cali to make it through!! also, if braddy sings a soft song, then he's getting bussed lol :w00t:
  7. from past judges: alicia, blake, miley, usher host: bebe
  8. 1. Kellee Kim 2. Noura Salman 3. Dean Kowalski 4. Elaine Stott 5. Missy Byrd 6. Aaron Meredith 7. Janet Carbin 8. Karishma Patel 9. Elizabeth Biesel 10. Jamal Shipman 11. Jack Nichting 12. Dan Spilo 13. Lauren Beck 14. Tommy Sheehan
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