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  1. 23 minutes ago, Solaris said:

    I love Danielle,  but I feel like she just hates strong women.  She consistently has had problems when playing with Jen Johnson, Rachel Reilly and now Janelle.  Maybe the problem is actually her?  And I am a dani fan >_>

    i forgot who the third one was but dani said how her bottom three are keesha/nicole a/jan or bay (i'm leaning towards bay, bc dani mentioned later that she wants to keep janelle for a little longer) and acknowledged that they're all girls but it's not like that (talking to cody about possible replacement noms)

  2. Just now, Dany said:

    2nd song is compleatly different not the same song at all :lmao:

    you can tell she was cringing the whole time when they started changing it, totally opposite of what she wrote about lolol

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