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  1. 1. Ryan - Gorgeous tone and hit all the notes he needed to. He sounded so much like Bocelli himself. 2. Cami - I love how she navigated that song (which I normally see as a screamfest), and her vibrato was amazingly well-placed. 3. Larriah - Pretty good, but some of the high notes felt a little off. 4. Julia - Also solid, I like what she does with her head voice. 5. Tanner - A very safe performance... but he did smoothly sing it. I was kinda bored by it halfway through. 6. John H - I love this song so I was hoping for a cleaner performance. When he goes high it sounds kinda unpleasant to my ears. 7. Taryn - She has a really warm tone and I think that would have been perfect for her song. But unfortunately I don't think she hit the high notes. 8. Marisa - I loved her on I Surrender, but she butchered the entire first half of this one. Her strong belts at the end couldn't salvage the start.
  2. I really hope he makes it through to the playoffs. He's the rare once-in-a-blue-moon contestant in a pool swamped with country and R&B (this season is still super talented though). I think the last singer in his lane was Chris Mann from Season 2? And yeah, he should stick to what's working for him. I think an aria or some Josh Groban would be good for the playoffs.
  3. Oooooh adding in an extra Wildcard chance for four more contestants opens things up a lot. I think Sid and Cami can benefit the most from this.
  4. Any App Voting attempts above ten (10) votes per artist per e-mail address will NOT be counted as valid. Any Online Voting attempts above ten (10) votes per artist per e-mail address will NOT be counted as valid. ^ from your NBC link. I'm pretty sure this means you can vote for Ryan 20 times per email address! 10 with the Voice app, and 10 online -> for each email address! EDIT: I checked again, and Ryan's linked image on Twitter says it's 10 votes per artist per method (multiple methods)! (I don't use Google assistant but the other methods are definitely doable!)
  5. 1. Carter 2. Chloรฉ 3. Sid 4. Madeline 5. Desz 6. Ian 7. Jim 8. Lauren 9. Bailey 10. JusJon 11. James 12. Kelsie
  6. Michelle Chamuel. I tuned in occasionally during Seasons 1-3, but only really started watching all the time during Season 4. Michelle was just so unique compared to all the other contestants that season, and I loved her relationship with Usher.
  7. Blake: PV into the finale, chance of winning. Kelly: Robbed powerful vocalist of the season that gets into the finale after being forced into the semifinal instant save, where she blows it out of the water, but then inevitably doesn't win at the finale (ala Kennedy, Rose) John: Coach saved at the playoffs, but eliminated in the first few live shows (at least in the early seasons, it always felt like there was always at least one RnB singer who left early lives) Gwen: Eliminated pre-lives (RIP, sorry D; )
  8. I love that! He also has a more recent version of the same KO song: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B2-cfwYlbep/ And you can totally see how his voice has matured over the years. The notes are wonderfully resonant. I liked Mandi's version, but she was running out of air by the end and it was affecting her final notes. Ryan's voice has a combination of power and richness, like it fills up the room but at the same time caresses you.
  9. Queen Celine Dion praising Ryan and Marisaโ€™s battle. They were so amazing.
  10. She chose Kaleb Lee over Justin Kilgore, but yeah, Cami is in a precarious position.
  11. Amber Carrington S4. Adamโ€™s team was stacked that season but Amber came out of nowhere during the Playoffs, and then ended up outlasting Judith and Sarah, both of whom were hyped in the pre-lives. I also think she could have made it to the finale if Firework never happened, because she did really well on Sad that week.
  12. Well there was nothing to enunciate because that was one long drawn out note. So yeah I would say the end of the note was pitchy because she couldnโ€™t hold it out consistently. But, like I said before, overall Marisa was a firecracker so she deserves kudos.
  13. Iโ€™ve been listening to that battle on repeat because itโ€™s amazing and Marisa and Ryan are so good. On the big โ€˜I surrender allโ€™ line near the end, Marisa did sound a little strained and wobbly (you can hear her voice thin out at the key change). But, overall, she was fire . Her opening was really captivating and reminded me so much of Celine herself.
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