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  1. speaking of team blake and nashville, Kyla Jade is also there at the voice event.
  2. 1. Rose - Slayed even with a bad song choice 2. Joana - Super underrated. 3. Max 4. Katie Kadan 5. Marybeth 6. Ricky Duran 7. Will Breman 8. Myracle 9. Cali Wilson :) - I don't know how I feel about these 2, but I don't dislike them 10. Hello Sunday 11. Kat Hammock :| - Can sing well and better than others above for sure, just don't like them 12. Shane 13. Jake
  3. I think she has an honest shot at the finale tbh! She wasn’t given a great song for her (still did great with it) but she still had fairly high social media numbers. Imagine when they give her a great song. She’s also probably Gwens best chance at the finale, so they will hopefully pimp her!
  4. Looking off of this, YT Likes and FB Likes gave us 6/8 of what happened (Facebook didn't have Joana or Max, YT didn't have Jake or Marybetg)
  5. Team Blake Ricky Duran Kat Hammock Cali Wilson Team Gwen Rose Short Joana Martinez Myracle Holloway Team Kelly Max Boyle Jake Hoot Shane Q Hello Sunday Team Legend Katie Kadan Marybeth Byrd Will Breman
  6. This is gonna be so funny to look back on ELIMINATIONS: TOP 13 Bottom 3: Myracle, Cali, Hello Sunday Saved: Hello Sunday TOP 11 Bottom 2: Hello Sunday and Shane Q Saved: Hello Sunday TOP 10 Bottom 3: Hello Sunday, Will Breman, Joana Martinez Saved: Will Breman TOP 8 Bottom 2: Will Breman and Rose Short Middle 3: Max Boyle, Kat Hammock, Katie Kadan ( :ph34r: ) Saved: Katie Kadan Top 3: MaryBeth, Jake Hoot, Ricky Duran FINALE 4th Place: Katie Kadan 3rd Place: Ricky Duran Runner-up: Marybeth Winner: Jake Hoot
  7. If she keeps it up and and gets even better, I could see it!
  8. I think I was added in the last thread, so add me again! Glad he's moving on. I was worried for him after hearing his KO, but he definetly did well last night and glad he's in the top 13.
  9. I just realized I was NEVER added to this. I am so dumb lol! Add me! She's amazing, and a queen, and PV #1 for Team Gwen!
  10. I was much closer with my wants than my predictions lmao. And even then, my wants after last night would of had myracle > kyndal. Pleased with this top 13
  11. im honestly pleased with this top 13. Ricky D, all of team Gwen, Cali even though she flopped I liked her pre-lives, Katie, Marybeth, Will
  12. Team Gwen has the best team. Myracle deserves that save over Kyndal (I say this as someone who preferred Kyndal over Myracle going into the playoffs)
  13. SHE DID IT! She got the Public vote on Team Gwen over Kyndal, Myracle, and Jake!
  14. Can we pull a Simon Cowell and just make Myla a soloist? Like she is just much better than the other one (I forget her name)
  15. Honestly, can Hello Sunday just win the save so we can have them sing some Sunday song next week?
  16. People really insulting Gwen because she picked somoene who had probably her best performance last night over their favorite who (imo) had her worst performance last night.
  17. Gwen is the only one with a good save choice (Kyndal is good and I think she should move on, but last night was NOT her night.)
  18. That was probably the best team performance we had in a LONG time (I can't recall another one being better) and imagine if SandyRedd was there... Gone too soon
  19. I wouldn't even say Kyndal tbh. Jake + Joana have seem to be doing better than her on SM, and that's not saying much for the most part.
  20. Team Gwen really flopping with SM this season yikes.
  21. Agreed. If she makes it through to the top 13, I feel she can dark horse her way through the competition.
  22. Just some unpop opinions about the playoffs :wave: - Joana had the best performance (Marybeth/Max follow her) - Unpop here, but I thought Max did great in his performance - I like Kyndal, but I am not getting the praise for her performance this week. She let her nerves get to her and that uh...note. She should still move on imo, but she wasn't the best on her team tonight, or even top 2. - Myracle is underrated. Her rasps is different which is why I feel it throws people off of her here, but tonight was her best performance imo.
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