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  1. :'( <3 Realized I never asked to be added here. How could I not ask to be added to this queens fan list.
  2. Seems like people aren’t happy with her elimination. She’s trending on Twitter rn (Max/Cali did not) and I don’t have “Trends for you” on
  3. That comment was when she sang “Get On Your Feet”
  4. A solid performance from Joana. Not her best, but still good. Might be able to escape the Bottom 2, but who knows.
  5. Y'all getting so defensive because some people don't like your favs lmao. People aren't dumb because they don't like your favorite singer like lol.
  6. Nice to know that we will get more music from him soon whether it’s just covers or what not! Probably the most robbed in the battles still I can’t. Johns team could of been even bette this season if Mendeleyev stuck around
  7. Kelly and Blake should be able to get to the finale in probably all seasons with them being able to win a solid amount (Kelly because she's just an amazing vocalist and Blake because country and being a solid singer) John should be able to get the finale in most seasons I feel. And yeah, Gwen probably wouldn't end up making it far because her style isn't what the voters usualy like. But yeah, any season Kelly doesn't make the finale would be a robbery lol.
  8. 1. Rose Short - Love her! BWR is imo the performance of the season, and I am glad she has a shot at the finale! 2. Joana Martinez - Monday was not her night, but she did the best she could with an awful song choice. 3. Katie Kadan - I was very worried after her KO, but I am loving her last two performances. 4. Ricky Duran - I love his tone, but his last two performances, while vocally nice, were boring to me. 5. MaryBeth Byrd - I do agree she MIGHT have hit her peak, but I do think she could also show us more. 6. Will Breman - While he seems inconsistent, I liked his playoffs, KO, and blind quite a bit! 7. Myracle Holloway - I didn't like her pre-lives really (though what we heard of her KO she sounded solid), but I feel she was much better in the playoffs and top 13 (especially when given that song) :| 8. Hello Sunday - I don't hate them, but I just prefer Myla and am not a fan of Chelsea 9. Kat Hammock - I don't get the hype really. I usually like voices similar to hers, but I am not feeling it with Kat. Enjoyed her blind though! 10. Jake Hoot - Not bad vocally (probably higher if this was based solely on vocal abilities), but I just am not a fan of country artists like him. 11. Shane Q - I don't think I will need to say anything about this one since I am sure many people have him last as well lol.
  9. Knowing the format next season, I would rather enjoy this season then look forward to the next one lol
  10. Technically he is tied with Rose there (now he has more but that's besides the point)
  11. Phew! I was nervous since she was in the save, but she made it to the top 11!
  12. Sad he went so early in the top 13 :'(
  13. I liked all 3 going into the top 13, but im gonna vote Joana here. Other two did not perform well tonight while joana did solid! Just please give her a better song production if she advances.
  14. Yes Team Gwen and Team Kelly are performing.
  15. Already worried because Joana will end up in the bottom probably :'(
  16. Sad to see the OP gone, but the queen will still strive Also the entire season I wanted her to sing a Sara Bareilles song, so that melody is heaven to my ears.
  17. Even though OP stated it already, the Kyla finale bussing was horrible. Her original wasn’t even original, it was a Garth Brooks song. Like, I can’t. One I can think of is Sarah Grace singing Sign of the Times.
  18. 1. Rose Short - Incredible! Iffy start, but the rest was amazing! 2. Katie Kadan - Love that she is steering away from going on a path like her KO. Her last 2 performances have been my favorite of hers! 3. Ricky Duran - Would be with the girls above but he was boring but still great. I want him to have a moment though, he needs one. 4. MaryBeth 5. Joana Martinez - Terrible song, and probably her worst performance. But she still did the best she could with this terrible song choice. 6. Cali - Probably because I don't listen to Kacey's songs that I don't find this as dissapointing as others. 6.5 Myla - Can we say Goodbye Tuesday to Chelsea, please? Like Myla is actually good and Chelsea is holding her back. :| 7. Max - Expected better from him 8. Myracle - Tough song, and unlike Joana it wasn't a "fun" song that you could at least enjoy and didn't make the most of what she had 9. Will Breman - Like many others, I just feel bad when I don't like his performance cause he just exudes this positivity lol. 10. Jake Hoot - Vocally? Probably in the section above. But I just don't like him personally. 11. Kat Hammock - She's not bad by any means, but I just can't click with her. She felt off today I feel and I was bored, but her falsetto or whatever is lovely. 12. Hello Sunday - Myla doesn't deserve to be this low. Chelsea is bringing her down, and I hate saying that about a young girl, but I just feel like she is not cut out for this yet. 13. Shane Q
  19. Yeah the producers bussed Joana with that, but she did well with the tragic song choice. If she’s in the IS against Shane/Myracle, she will probably come out on top
  20. Yeah the bus hit Joana hard this week If she’s in the IS against Myracle/Shane, I feel like she will win (and probably close the IS) but still. Honestly thought they would of pimped Joana more cause they always love getting young teenage girls in the finale, but they seem to care more about Hello Sunday as of now.
  21. Shane and Myracle eliminated Joana saved
  22. Yeah I am worried for Joana. I just hope if she's in the final they choose to pimp her over (if I had to guess) Myracle + Shane
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