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  1. Meghan being here is just reminding me of Ali SOMEHOW losing to Whitney of all people on the Four.
  2. Joana leaves the voice to become the lead opener for Leslie and Ron's new show and will perform "Get On Your Feet!"
  3. Shane bout to walk on stage in a white robe saying he's sick. Gwen and Blake then tell the audience to vote for Shane.
  4. Have a feeling I will need to be ready to save our girl tonight. Unless there is a real big shocker, she's gonna probably end up in the bottom 3 :'(
  5. Her performance last night felt like a guest performance! She was just that amazing last night. If she isn’t in the finale I think that is when I lose my last (albeit already tiny) faith in the voters.
  6. Neither Brynn/Chevel were awful though. Wasn’t a fan of Chevel (liked Brynn, but preferred others in the finale) and at least, while never being stellar imo, never really flopped. Kyla and Britton and Kennedy robbed still :icecream:
  7. 1. Rose Short - Great opener for the show. Did amazing with an unexpected song 2. Katie Kadan - Petition to make sure these two have a duet next week :flowers: 3. Ricky Duran - Liked this quite a bit! Not a breakout for him, which I don't think he will have anymore, but hopefully makes finale! 4. Joana Martinez - Could of done better, but still great! Probably will land in the bottom 3 5. Will Breman - My favorite since his playoff! Hope he's safe for next week :) 6. MaryBeth :| 7. Kat 8. Hello Sunday 9. Jake Hoot 10. Shane Q
  8. Will did solid tonight! My favorite of his since his playoff!
  9. Probably my favorite performance from Will since his playoff!
  10. Ricky/Rose/Katie should be in the finale. Like, if they aren't ima be not shocked but still dissapointed.
  11. Both of them did not bring it tonight imo. Probably safe though, but if Will does great he might end up putting them in danger.
  12. Honestly, I just need to hear Katie/Rose have a duet next week. Then we can all just be blown away.
  13. Going first has been good for various people recently besides Joana. Katie/Rose both opened with stellar performances, so they might be starting to realize they need to start off the show well.
  14. Joana was good, but she will probably be in danger. Sad, since she's better than most so far tonight.
  15. We could of had Myracle sing tonight... Instead we got this.
  16. Opening - Shane Closing - Hello Sunday Bonus - Jake Bottom 3 - Will, Joana, Shane: Will gets the save
  17. 2. It’s a Bottom 3 with 2 people eliminated
  18. I just realized. How are most of us gonna know what the new server/whatever is/if it ends up not working?
  19. 1. Rose Short 2. Joana Martinez 3. Katie Kadan :w00t: :w00t: 4. Ricky Duran 5. Marybeth Byrd 6. Will Breman :| 7. Hello Sunday 8. Kat Hammock 9. Jake Hoot 10. Shane Q
  20. Good to know she was only in the bottom last week because of the song! Lets hope she makes bloodbath!
  21. :'( <3 Realized I never asked to be added here. How could I not ask to be added to this queens fan list.
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