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  1. Why is Blake covering Rose's hit single "God's Country"
  2. I think you should learn the definition of rigged before you start throwing it around like that
  3. Clearly they are gonna put Marybeth and both members of Hello Sunday in a robe :bleh:
  4. I didn't even remember the song they got lol. But you never know. Barely anyone thought Will was gonna close last week and he ended up closing.
  5. Open: Ricky - The last two openers have been great performances. Openers more recently have also done usually better than past seasons with the exception of Joana I believe as well. Ricky is also someone who I believe has usually been near the end of the performance cycle, so they might want him to start the night out. Close: Jake H - I honestly feel like he won't close, but I also don't know who else they would have close. Whoever they have close is who they want in the finale, and I feel they want Katie/Jake/Ricky/Rose. This COULD be Hello Sunday if they want to push them in over Rose,
  6. Rose and Katie are duet partners tonight Our ears are not worthy
  7. Think they are just going through an indentity crisis at this point
  8. Voice Instagram Story Also Rose/Katie duet yes they gonna be great
  9. Marybeth gonna be in a robe and be a background dancer for Katie’s performance lol
  10. Didn't Lauren and Will start dating after anyway lol. Liked Lauren, but her KO was just not good.
  11. If the show is smart this is the duet they would do. None of the others can compete with Rose/Katie lol.
  12. The shocker is that there is gonna be a twist where actually the three lowest votes more to the finale while the two highest votes are eliminated. Goodbye Katie and Jake and hello Hello Sunday, Will, and Marybeth :icecream:
  13. my optimistic prediction is Katie/Jake/Ricky/Rose. But i have a feeling Hello Sunday will snatch the IS spot.
  14. Seeing the teams like that reminds me that this seasons top 8 really isn’t bad lol. I like most of them, which is more than what I could of said about last season.
  15. She also got hit with the worst finale bus I can think of on this show
  16. I’m guessing... 1. Will Breman 2. Kat Hammock 3. Rose Short 4. Ricky Duran 5. Katie Kadan 6. Marybeth 7. Jake H 8. Hello Sunday
  17. Meghan being here is just reminding me of Ali SOMEHOW losing to Whitney of all people on the Four.
  18. Joana leaves the voice to become the lead opener for Leslie and Ron's new show and will perform "Get On Your Feet!"
  19. Shane bout to walk on stage in a white robe saying he's sick. Gwen and Blake then tell the audience to vote for Shane.
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