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  1. Joana (and presumbly others) might be returning for the finale. https://twitter.com/joanamart1nez/status/1204591237749194752
  2. Liked Kat at the blinds, but I will admit I did not expect her to get this far then Honestly thought Blake was gonna drop her pre-lives
  3. They literally have Kat as their favorite of the season I believe. You don't need to get so aggressive at someone congratulating an artist for getting higher than expected for an artist of their genre.
  4. Our queen is in the finale! (I swear if something hapens in the last 2 minutes after I post this)
  5. This is a great finale tbh. None of the people in are bad imo. Jake, while I know many of us don't like him, is one of the better country singers on the show.
  6. Jennifer should be glad she wasn't on this season. She would run out of all of her shoes just because of Rose
  7. Not even listening to this because I remember Janice being eliminated because of this song :'(
  8. Rose stood there knowing she was gonna have to sing anyway. Anyway, vote Rose people!
  9. Y'know, I usually am in the minority in not disliking Blake's performances on the show. But I am so confused on what I just heard.
  10. I feel like some people are forgetting that this is "reality TV" and it's not always fair. This world/these shows aren't fair many times, and that is something I am sure many contestants realized either during the show or looking back on it. Besides, the Voice knows it's not gonna produce a big star. What they care about more is ratings/viewers/buzz, so they will do what they can to achieve those even if it means some others are at a disadvantage. It's unfortunate, but that's reality.
  11. We stan a queen dominating all 3 questions on the poll
  12. They wouldn’t have a reason to bus Rose in the finale like Kyla. Rose winning for them is probably their “dream” scenario I feel. - Gwens first win - First Female AA Winner - Would likely lead to the least amount of backlash (both a positive and negative but still) Kyla was bussed because she stood in the way of the TCO Brynn.
  13. PV - Jake, Ricky, Rose IS Winner - Katie 1st - Jake 2nd - Katie 3rd - Ricky 4th - Rose
  14. Rose Rose Rose :icecream: 1. Rose 2. Ricky Duran 3. Katie Kadan 4. Kat Hammock 5. Jake Hoot 6. Will Breman :| 7. Hello Sunday :'( 8. Marybeth Forgot duets oops 1. Rose/Katie 2. Maelyn/Rod - Idc if this isn't the right season 3. Jake/Marybeth 4. Ricky/Will 5. HS/Kat
  15. If they wanted a Katie win, they might of just screwed it up this week. Jake is not doing bad at all, and his demo will eat this up for sure. If Katie/Jake were close before tonight, I think Jake will be in the lead after this.
  16. So...shows over right? Can we just end the night on Rose and just say Jake got sick after realizing he had no way of outdoing that.
  17. America does not deserve Rose oh my GOD her performance's just...wow. She gave two winner worthy performances in just 2 weeks. The fact that she might have to sing for the IS tomorrow is CRIMINAL.
  18. I. LOVE. HER. She is amazing! Girl gave two winner worthy performances this week and last week.
  19. And just like that my dreams of Rose closing have been shattered once again :'(
  21. Great performance from Ricky! My favorite from him in the lives tbh! Him and Rose I feel just keep on getting better with their performances each week in the lives.
  22. Also that performance didn't register much for me since I was busy reading the facebooks comments on Kat's post since someone mentioned it Maybe if I watched it rather than just listening to it i would of enjoyed it more.
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