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  1. The fact that she is probably getting 4th.... An actual crime.
  2. Underwhelming for the finale IMO. But not a bad performance to start off the night.
  3. Some of these songs are tragic... At least Rose is still slaying. Hope she somehow closes (if they want a Hoot win, I’m sure they would be fine with Rose closing)
  4. The finale pimp spot tends to win often. Since S13, they have only lost once being Kennedy (Chloe, Brynn, and Maelyn all closed the finale I believe) not sure about previous seasons, but I’m assuming Season 12 was either Chris or Lauren.
  5. I would of really liked if Joana sang Lovely! One of the Billie songs I actually like. But I see why she wanted to change because that song doesn't really focus on her strengths. She still probably would of done great either way. Also, Joana is performing in the finale!
  6. Literally yesterday I was thinking how great a Rose/JHUD duet would be. Would make sense for those 2 to duet, but it’s possible/likely it’s none of them and it’s someone not announced.
  7. Well, when you put someone on Team Blake, of course they could easily win You could probably put most winners on Team Blake and they would still win. Maelyn no matter the team would of deserved the win, but as we know America doesn't always vote the way of the "best" vocalist.
  8. I love Maelyn, but I feel like her being on John helped her a lot mostly because of the "Legendary Season" aspect. She got the pimping she (deserved) because she was on Team John. Could have still pulled the win, but they might have not given her great songs each live week if she wasn't on Team John.
  9. It doesn't matter if you think they "deserve" to come back. Brynn won her season. Kelly is supporting her greatly, which makes her more likely to come back on the show because of that. Tessane/Jordan/Alisan have moved on from the show and I believe barely even associate with their coaches anymore. With Brynn, I believe someone stated she is going on Kelly's show next week. I don't understand when people say "they should support their winners/past contestants" and when they do that, people complain saying "Why wasn't it X or Y." They can't bring everyone back to perform and not everyone wants t
  10. Yes let’s cancel the show that is still promoting one of their winners. Chevel didn’t perform last season either. I love Maelyn, but unless she’s releasing music sometime this week she’s probably not coming to perform, and that wouldn’t be the shows fault, more like the record labels fault or whoever is in charge. The same people with outcries to cancel the show. If you want it cancelled then don’t watch it. Then you don’t have to complain every week when something you don’t like happens.
  11. I see no issue with Brynn coming back. Makes sense really. She just released a Christmas song I believe and out of the recent winners they probably would like to push her the most.
  12. Don’t think you read their post properly if you assumed they got eliminated lol
  13. They usually haven't mentioned that they would bring back contestants until like, the day of the finale. And plus, the last few years the ones brought back haven't sung with the finalists I think besides Season 14.
  14. I don’t want to look at this But I did get.... - Cali being eliminated in the first round - Joana being a Top 10 Elimination - Will being bottom 2 - Kat being in Top 8 Middle 3 and losing it - Jake + Ricky Top 8 PV But I also placed too much faith in Max, too little faith in HS, and underestimated Queen Rose
  15. Ooo getting a #1 from each season will be tough for me. Some of these might have 2, but I will try and stick with one. Let's see. Season 1 - N/A (Didn't watch/haven't watched really any season 1 performance besides Javier's blind) Season 2 - Juliet Simms Season 3 - Amanda Brown Season 4 - Amber Carrington Season 5 - Tessane Chin + Matthew Schuler Season 6 - Christina Grimmie + Sisaundra Lewis Season 7 - Matt McAndrew Season 8 - Kimberly Nichole Season 9 - Amy Vachal + Jeffrey Austin Season 10 - Alisan Porter + Hannah Huston Season 11 - Ali Caldwell Season 12 - Hannah
  16. What I think will happen/me being pessimistic and not be overconfident in thinking Katie will win 1. Jake 2. Katie 3. Ricky 4. Rose What I want to happen: Jake, Ricky, and Katie all get sick so they put on robes and become choir members and/or back-up dancers for Rose's concert next week.
  17. Ikr First season in a year where I will actually watch all the performance and not just mute through 3/4 of it
  18. Imagine Rose gets some Dan and Shay song as her original.
  19. Great finale for me. Ricky/Katie/Rose were in my top 4 going into the top 13, and while I don't like Jake, I admit Desperado was great! I am going in stanning Rose though.
  20. Joana (and presumbly others) might be returning for the finale. https://twitter.com/joanamart1nez/status/1204591237749194752
  21. Liked Kat at the blinds, but I will admit I did not expect her to get this far then Honestly thought Blake was gonna drop her pre-lives
  22. They literally have Kat as their favorite of the season I believe. You don't need to get so aggressive at someone congratulating an artist for getting higher than expected for an artist of their genre.
  23. Our queen is in the finale! (I swear if something hapens in the last 2 minutes after I post this)
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