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  1. I believe S15 was an all girl bloodbath (Kymberli, Sarah, MaKenzie, Reagan)
  2. Idol got rid of most of the people I like before the top 7 or whatever while I still like most of the top 9 on TV so TV wins.
  3. She reminds me of Brynn and I have enjoyed Brynn much more post show, and I like her.
  4. Toneisha is definetly one of the better ones so far, but yeah she feels underwhelming so far in comparison to Rose/Kyla/Kymberli. It also doesn’t help that Rose had an amazing performance with the same song as Toneisha the season before. It’s going to be met with a lot of comparisons between both of them which will make her a bit more forgettable.
  5. Kelly wants female country but she threw away all her female country last season before the lives even started lol
  6. Well if this is true/accurate, it seems like all the “Voice is Doomed” people are likely gonna need to wait a much longer time
  7. I remember seeing a thread like this awhile back, and with just some talk about TCOs and stuff, I was wondering who you guys think the coaches favorite contestant they had was! EDIT: Should of specified whoops! I meant of all time aka every season they have been in.
  8. This is accurate I am fairly sure. Forget if he turned for Jermaine but I’m fairly sure he did.
  9. Now this is gonna be tough :fear: Gonna try and limit it to at most 3 per contestant 1. Rose Short "I Want To Know What Love Is" 2. Katie Kadan "Without You" 3. Rose Short "God's Country" 4. Rose Short "Big White Room" 5. Max Boyle "When The Party's Over" 6. Joana Martinez "California Dreamin'" 7. Ricky Duran "Let It Be" 8. Katie Kadan "Rolling in the Deep" 9. Mendeleyev "Girl From The North Country" 10. Myracle Holloway "Everybody Hurts" HMs (there are plenty lmao and it is basically just a list of my favorite from the season/rounds i suppose lol) BA - Katie
  10. Best Winner 1. Maelyn Jarmon <3 Love them <3 2. Tessane Chin 3. Alisan Porter 4. Jordan Smith 5. Chloe Kohanski 6. Sawyer Fredricks Like them 7. Brynn Cartelli 8. Josh Kaufman 9. Danielle Bradberry 10. Cassadee Pope 11. Javier Colon :| Neutral On :| 12. Chris Blue 13. Chevel Sheperd 14. Sundance Head 15. Jake Hoot 16. Craig Wayne Boyd Dislike 17. Jermaine Paul
  11. I never even knew that was an option on here If I knew i would of used this a LONG time ago.
  12. If she could have "destroyed" Jake without a bus, she would of still made middle 3 in top 8 lmao.
  13. Let's just hope our favorite is the one the producers want Nick Jonas to win with :icecream:
  14. Ik many of us are dissapointed at a Hoot win, but overall this season has been really solid! What Kelly said at the end was right, this is an amazing group of singers (the final 4 I assume is what she is referring to) and each are solid in their own right.
  15. Proud of Rose! She did great all season long, and brought us amazing showtopping performances.
  16. If Jennifer was sitting in one of those chairs rn, she would be throwing all of her shoes at herself. And it would be 100% deserved because she's amazing. It's a shame that America didn't really like her on the Voice.
  17. If this is true, I would guess that it would probably have been Ricky. But also, this would be his 4th week if this was accurate. Top 13, Top 11, and Top 10 I believe.
  18. Rose doesn't deserve 4th but she is still gonna receive it. Girl hasn't had a single "meh" performance all season like-
  19. They have to save the budget for Rose when she enters on a giant rose.
  20. Great performance for ricky! But as stated before a certain aspect of the song itself is interesting to say the least.
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