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  1. Dang, I'm about to "Rededicate my life" just off the preview lol
  2. I'm not even a huge Grace fan but I'm gonna be annoyed if they saved all their critiques for her again tonight
  3. I wish Hunter had a longer season to work with it; he would be so much stronger with more confidence on stage.
  4. a little sleepy for me, but a lot of the songs have been tbf
  5. would they please stop trying to squeeze tears out of poor Hunter...lol
  6. I want a dress like that, but have legit no reason to wear it lol.
  7. Honestly, same, though. I haven't watched most of these new school disney movies either. ahahah.
  8. Oh lol, I wasn't paying attention and was like "wait, who is this? did i forget a contestant" for a moment. ha
  9. it was okay. I can see why this type of performance would grate on people over an entire season though. I've never been a huge fan of that "super raspy" voice thing, but don't hate it.
  10. So he's exactly in Chayce's lane? I didn't really watch last year.
  11. I really enjoyed the middle part; was thrown off by the end.
  12. You read my mind! I did wonder if that's what's happening and they are probably right (for what will get votes). even though I prefer the rock, she'll be able to do more of that when they can sing multiple songs and I'd rather she win
  13. Every week, my "thirst" compromises me less and less in my evaluation of Chayce lol. decent but not great.
  14. She's such an old soul. I usually don't like super young contestants, but I'm a huge fan.
  15. He could have a great future. But I just don't think he's there yet. Wouldn't be mad if he made it to next week though.
  16. That's a baaaaaaad suit; but I'm not feeling the performance. just kind of okay
  17. You're doing amazing, Sweetie. I don't care if he does the same thing every week, I love that thing lol.
  18. Either a silent majority of viewers actually do like hearing the same things over and over again or the show just thinks so. Either way, it is annoying, yes.
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