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  1. I have to think this was some--horribly distasteful--joke...? I literally can't even comprehend this. Either way, if he's booted, it's his own fault. Ridiculous.
  2. Sorry if this has been answered somewhere obvious, but what is the finale format? Are there two episodes left? One? I'm so confused lol.
  3. IM never sleeps, lol. Love it and thank you! ETA: Casey and Chayce posted a duet a while back on I think their instagrams and it sounded great. Excited to hear this. And ofc Willie and Grace will slay anything collobrate on.
  4. Haven't done something like that in a while. (this show has hurt me too many times before lol), but sure why not!
  5. You're awesome--as always-- IM! I don't know what to think about Casey's producer, sounds like a coin flip. Really excited about Willie's producer. Love Casey's and Chayce's covers.
  6. Ngl, I think this is a really solid top 5. Caleb's not my genre, but I think he does well within his lane. 1A. CASEY 1B. WILLIE 3: Chayce 4: Grace 5: Caleb
  7. I am SO happy she's safe. This was the first I was nervous. I didn't think she did badly at all, just not at her usual level. Now that I've rewatched Ironic, I really enjoy it though Hoping she can make the finale!
  8. Yeah I LOVE Casey (see signature lol), but I was scared for her. Better a bad week now than later though, I guess.
  9. Looks like you were right. Most of them actually had a good night ironically.
  10. Maybe Casey is more popular than I thought because I know it's in no order but they always announce her early like it's obvious. I thought she could be a goner so I'm happy!
  11. Yup. I honestly couldn't even be mad if she left. She picked a horrible week to have an off night
  12. I highly doubt she's in danger. But I don't really connect with her even though she obviously is an amazing singer.
  13. Well if Jena could survive "Everyone Get Those Glow sticks Up", I gotta hope Casey has a shot tonight.
  14. I think the season is short enough that Willie and Chayce can get away with doing the same thing every week. I'd be shocked if they didn't make the finals.
  15. "life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think everything's okay" is about where I am about Casey's chances currently in this comp
  16. Prayer circle for Casey. But, at least worst case scenario, I'll still have Wille
  17. I feel like I would like Hunter's album, but I'm just not getting enough from him on stage.
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