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  1. 1 minute ago, joe14 said:

    Proud of her. It was kind of obvious tracking social media numbers tonight. Grace and Willie were doing much better than her. She was doing better than Chayce, but Chayce is someone whose base probably doesn't utilize a lot of social media. 


    I honestly didn't want her to win so finale would have been nice, but I'm not distraught over this. I hope she can figure something out. She's really young so the world is her oyster (as cliche as that sounds lol).


    Yup, I was hoping for finale, too. But as a "rocker", she'll probably be able to make music she's much more in to going a different route. I know I will be buying anything she puts out in the future. 

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  2. Just now, jamescasaki said:

    lets just remember  she performed incredible we all shod be proud of her lets keep supporting her


    Yup. I've seen a lot of my faves fizzle out at the end, but she sang her heart out. Very proud. 

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