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  1. So.... Kat and Gracee for PV's And Blake saves Duran.
  2. No autotune doesnt seem to be hurting Ricky here.
  3. Lol. I meant the song fits his voice well. It probably doesn't matter what he sings...he's DOA in my opinion. I don't think Hallelujah wouldn't get him in. We'll see.
  4. I guess Peter Pan could work although yeah, I like the video more than the song.
  5. Gotta be "Higher Love" amirite? Seems like it would be a good song for him.
  6. Lol pls let it be the 2nd from the right. That's just all kinds of awesome.
  7. Yeah I forgot the word "ain't" in my post. It's obviously gonna be hard for anyone on the show to cover Demi. She's got as much range as any singer out there imo.
  8. I dont think doing Taylor songs on the show is ever a bad idea. There all so well written. We know Gracee can do "Tim MacGraw." "He said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night" About Kelsea...Im not familiar with much of her music. Any good ones?
  9. I thought her blind was horrible. A pitchy mess. But I have to say she surprised me in the KO's with a nice performance of a tough song. I mean it ain't easy covering Demi.
  10. I said the same thing about the Miranda songs in the song suggestion thread. There's so many good ones that perfect for Gracee...but oh well.
  11. Girl said she likes a good break-up song. I hear a hint of Patty Loveless in her voice. "You Don't Even Know Who I Am" is just sitting there, teed up and ready for Gracee to knock it out of the park.
  12. Was on the fence about Jake through the first 2 rounds. That KO tho....he crushed it. Rock singers tend to have great range and Jake def showed his chops on a really cool song that he made even better imo. Pls add me.
  13. Too soon to tell...but as a Gracee fan I'm not mad at the fact she won't be splitting the country vote from the Blakers. Seems like a big advantage to me. She's young, but experienced so if she performs well I think she'll be there at the end.
  14. Is there a lie in here? Because I'm not seeing one. Jake will get PV1...anything goes after that.
  15. Toughest team to predict imo. I think everyone except Braddy is in the running here. I'll guess the other 4 all get in...with Gracee as a PV but beyond that I have no idea.
  16. Marybeth and Katie for PV's I think John will want a male in the mix so I'll say he saves Alex.
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