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  1. I chose tone, storytelling/emotion, and genre.


    Tone - yes, though not sufficient on its own. While I can appreciate good singers that don't have a tone I like, they won't be a snowflake. But even if they do have a tone I like, there needs to be more to make me like them (such as storytelling/emotion and genre/style)

    Pitch - sort of, there does need to be a decent ability to sing on pitch for me to like someone, but other aspects tend to play a much stronger role in whether or not I like them. And I tend to be more lenient for singers I enjoy.

    Vocal tricks - no, though I can definitely appreciate it

    Storytelling/emotion - yes, delivery is super super important to me. I need to be able to feel things from what they're singing, regardless of whether they have super great technical abilities or not.

    Arrangements - no, though I can appreciate it and if they are in the realm of possible snowflakes due to other aspects, it can be an asset if done well 

    Instrumentation - no

    Personality - sort of, I'm not going to like someone who's a jerk, but otherwise an appealing personality is just an asset.

    Looks - no

    Genre - yes, I need to like their style. If someone is in my preferred genre, it is much more likely they will become a snowflake. But for my less "typical" snowflakes, I still like their style. And there are some styles that will never be something I prefer

    Gender - no, though it may contribute to tone.

    Age - no


  2. Based on personal preference:









    honourable mention to Ilianna because I liked her blind, but we didn't get to see anything else so I have no idea what I would've thought of her overall

    The others I don't remember too much, but from what I do remember, none were bad, just in the realm of decent-but-unremarkable, not my style, and/or not enough performances to have an opinion

  3. Favourites:

    Casey Bishop

    Willie Spence


    Like them too:

    Grace Kinstler

    Chayce Beckham

    Cassandra Coleman


    Not my style / meh:

    Hunter Metts

    Caleb Kennedy

    Deshawn Goncalves

    Alyssa Wray

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